Yellowstone – The Circle of Life

May 27, 2010 - 4:58 pm 7 Comments

We started out around 9:00 this morning after a good night’s sleep. We are especially looking for wildlife, since we’ve seen the geysers before. We toured the Upper and Lower Falls, drove through Haden Valley. We saw many bison and a couple of babies, but we did not see any moose or bear. The day was beautiful, and again, not so many tourists. We do see a lot of rental units and many tour buses. All the tourists are retirees; families with chidren won’t be here until summer.

I named this entry “circle of life” because this phrase came to mind as we were driving through the park today. We drove the lower route and saw many geysers and the Old Faithful geyser. As we drive through the park, it occurs to me that this park is a perfect example of the circle of life. When the big fire happened in 1988, many acres of woodlands were burned. Many burned trees are still standing, charred, but still standing. But in between the charred trees are the seedlings which have slowly taken soil and are growing tall and strong. We saw bison with babies, newly born this spring. When you see an old bison alone in a field, laying on the ground, he has probably left the herd to die alone. The circle of life—babies are born, old ones die. The park is continuously being reborn in so many ways. It is a very spiritual time being in Yellowstone. You don’t have all the things drawing you away from the beauty of the place—no phone service, no tv, etc. It’s a very quiet time.

I do have to tell you something funny. My girlfriends will appreciate this. We were standing at the Upper Falls and a group of German tourists were just getting off the bus. I wanted to get a photo of Greg and me together so I looked around to find someone I could communicate with. Walking toward me was such a GOOD LOOKING young man I did a double take. I think he was the tour guide for this group. He had on an Australian “cowboy” hat, khaki vest; he was tall, tan, and had a beautiful face. He just looked straight at me and I motioned with the camera. He immediately came over and said he would be glad to take our photo. I joked with Greg afterward that I should have had GREG take a photo of me with Mr. Wonderful. Then I was embarrassed to do so afterwards. Of course now I wish I had. Just to give you girls a thrill. I’m serious, he was some kind of wonderful. You’ll see the silly grin on my face in the photo with Greg at the waterfall. On second thought, Greg has a silly grin too! LOL

We also ran into a couple in a View who I have communicated with on our View Forum on the internet. I knew they were on this trip, going to be in Yellowstone during the same time as us. They also are on their way to Alaska. At any rate, we were walking back to the View after seeing Old Faithful, and we see a View behind ours looking at the tag. I walked over and said “are you Bob?” and he said “yes, and you are Bonnie and Greg?” We enjoyed talking with them and will probably see them again on this journey.

We will be in Jackson, Wyoming for the weekend.

Stay tuned. Bonnie

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  1. Allan and Catherine Says:

    Great post- glad to see you guys are feeling good and back in the swing of things. Look forward to seeing what you guys do next!

    Allan and Cat

  2. Benjamin Says:

    Well now I’m intrigued–You definitely should have gotten a pic of Mr Wonderful!

  3. Donna Says:

    Girl we can’t let you go anywhere LOL
    Sounds like you are feeling better

  4. Kathy Moates Says:

    Next time get the picture of the hottie! We can counting on you, Bonnie!

  5. Andrea Says:

    Bonnie: Now girlfriend…you disappoint me. You know those German boys. They are FINE YOUNG BLOOD. Have a good time.

    Jeff wanted me to ask you if you went o the Devil’s tower in Hewlet in Wyoming. It was the first national monument by Teddy Roosevelt.

    See you tomorrow.

  6. Gail Plemons Says:

    Some things never change – ha ha. We don’t get too old to look, do we? You are right about Yellowstone. It is the most amazing park I have ever seen. Love it. Go to the bar in Jackson Hole where you sit on saddle bar stool – have one for me. I forgot the name of the bar but it is cute. Love you blog.

  7. Pat Says:

    Hey – the day you stop looking is the day you die, right? Ha!

    Circle of life is right – we saw the skeleton of a bison just lying there on the ground in the woods. It was both cool and eerie at the same time.

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