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June 1, 2013 - 11:56 am No Comments

We had a good night’s sleep and awoke to fairly clear skies. Temperatures are moderate, and actually, a little warm considering last week’s high was 40 degrees. When we pulled out of the campground, several residents who were out for a morning walk waved goodbye to us, and wished us a safe journey.

We stopped for diesel, propane, groceries, and finally a cup of coffee at McDonalds before heading toward the Confederation Bridge which would take us over to Prince Edward Island. This bridge was built some 20 years ago, and before that time, the only way over to the island was by ferry. The bridge is 9 miles long, but it was not a bad crossing because it wasn’t extremely high over the water. On the PEI side of the bridge we stopped at the Visitor Center to acclimate ourselves to the island landscape. It’s a bit overwhelming to figure out where to stop, what to bypass, etc. I’ve spent a couple of hours plotting our strategy for seeing as much as possible that interests us.

The island has four distinct areas—- North Cape Coastal Drive, Green Gables Shores, Red Sands Shores, and Points East Coastal Drive. We only drove the Red Sands Shores today and we have settled into a park near the capital, Charlottetown. Fishing and farming shape the culture of PEI. Today we saw many plush farms and they run right up to the shore of the ocean. PEI is also known for their potatoes, which supposedly have a special flavor, due to the soil here on the island. We definitely will try the potatoes. The North Cape area is famous for oysters, so we hope to enjoy a tasting while here. And the biggest draw of all, of course, is the home place of Lucy Maud, the author of Anne of Green Gables.

Tomorrow we will drive the Points East Coastal Drive, and spend the night near Cavendish, the home of Anne of Green Gables.








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