What a difference a Day Makes! 9/10/08

September 10, 2008 - 3:14 pm No Comments

We had a wonderful night’s sleep and awoke to 56 degrees!     By noon it was 70, and by 3 p.m. it was 84 degrees.   I shed my jeans, socks and tennis shoes at lunch and put on shorts and flip flops.   Now this is the south!

We drove through Illinois today, with home on our mind.   We were just about to stop for a sandwich at a rest stop when we saw a sign for Cracker Barrel, the first one we’ve seen since we left home 4 weeks ago.   So we decided to have a nice veggie lunch at the Cracker Barrel.    Back on the road again, we stopped at a beautiful rest stop near Rend Lake.   The rest stop was situated right on the lake, so we decided to stay a while and have some refreshments while looking at the lake.

We stopped for the night near Paducah, Kentucky at the Duck Creek RV Park.  And low and behold, the owners used to live in Chattanooga, work for TVA (years ago) and still own a house on Dayton Blvd.   So we talked about good old Chattanooga and the changes that have taken place in the last 20 years.   The owners said they were charter members of the Aquarium (and so were we!) so it was a fun introduction.

We are excited about getting home tomorrow and getting back to our normal routine.   I’m going to finish my blog with a “lessons learned” entry for the last day.   Right now I can’t think of the lessons I’ve learned, but I’m sure with a little rest, I’ll remember them!  LOL

Here’s a photo of our new awnings—aren’t they awesome???   Stay tuned.

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