Whale of a show!!! 7/20/09

July 20, 2009 - 7:25 pm 2 Comments

Scenery from I-5 heading south to BakersfieldFruit groves in southern CaliforniaWe think these are grape vinesBakersfield RV Resort Bakersfield CaliforniaWe got up this morning to very foggy, misty, cool weather.   It was around 52 degrees when we got up.   We had breakfast and then started preparing the RV for the day.   We noticed lots of our neighbors were looking out at the ocean so we joined them.  There in front of us was a pod of whales.   They were splashing and playing right in front of us.   We didn’t get any photos because it’s very difficult getting a good shot as you can imagine.   We could see the whales blowing water through their blow holes.   Then they would glide slowly through the water and suddenly jump.   We saw them flapping their tails on the water.  I think this is called fluting.   We’ve never seen anything like it and it was quite a show.

We left the RV park and stopped at the Safeway nearby for some groceries.   Everyone in the store was extremely nice and helpful.   A local gentleman stopped to speak with us and wish us a good trip.   The lady who checked us out said that today was her last day at work.   She was retiring after 30 years at the store.   We told her about the whales and she said she had never seen them and was hoping she could now that she was retired.   We encouraged her about retirement and she was smiling big when we left.

We are driving through extremely dry and desert conditions today.   There are palm trees around gas stations at the exits off the interstate which remind us of an oasis.   Guess that’s what they are going for.   As the day progressed so did the temperature.    We have driven all day through agricultural areas.    We have seen groves of fruit trees, almond trees, etc.   We have passed big trucks all day hauling containers of tomatoes.   Never seen so many vegetable and fruit farms in all our life.   By the time we hit mid afternoon the temperature crept up to 110, then 111 degrees.   Yes, 111 degrees.   We can’t believe the heat.

We pulled into our RV park in Bakersfield California around 4:30 pm.   Greg wanted me to tell you that this is the home of Buck Owens.  It has taken 3 or so hours to get the RV cooled down to a reasonable temperature INSIDE the RV.   This park has an on site restaurant so we may opt for a good breakfast in the morning before we hit the road.   It’s a new park, and very very nice.  Unfortunately there are no trees so we are waiting for the temperature to go below 100 degrees.   It’s already 7:3o p.m. and still over 100.  YIKES.

Tomorrow we hope to get over to Kingman Arizona.   Stay tuned!

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  1. Drew Says:

    Sounds like y’all are having a great trip! I just sent you an email to bhtrotter@comcast.net.

  2. SaSa Says:

    I have been meaning to tell you that I finished a book last week that mentioned the Cliff House. The lead male character proposed to the lead female character over, according to the novel, an absolutely scrumptious meal there! Of course, the Cliff House would not have meant anything to me had Ben not taken ya’ll there to eat.

    Mama came back today. Boy, do I have a lot of things to tell you. All I will say here is “game on!”

    Love you and BE SAFE————–

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