Walkers Point and Sugarbush Farms

June 10, 2013 - 1:36 pm No Comments

We have had so many tolls in the last two days, it’s ridiculous. Beware of the Maine turnpike. Every time you exit the turnpike, you have to pay a toll to get back on the turnpike!!! So we got off the turnpike to get diesel, paid a toll to get back on. Left the turnpike to spend the night, paid a toll to get back on. And every time, the tolls were different amounts. Two dollars at one toll booth, five dollars at another. Mind bending!!!

We drove the short distance to Walkers Point, and there is a nice area for us to park and take photos of the compound. This is a stunning area. Hard to imagine this property was purchased by George Bush 41’s maternal grandfather, who was a banker from St. Louis. The main house was built in 1903, and several houses or cabins have been added over the years. It’s just a stunning piece of property, jutting out in the ocean. We were told by a lady walking by, that George 43 is at the compound this week as well as George 41 and Barbara. There were several cars in the compound. We saw a man come out of the main house and get into a golf cart and go to another house. The entire area was very upscale; lots of mansions nearby, but not too close. It was quite an interesting visit.

After taking photos, we left the area and drove toward New Hampshire. Along the way, we saw a nice little produce stand (picture included). We met the nicest family who has run this produce garden for many generations. We bought fresh strawberries, lettuce, and tomatoes. We’ll enjoy this fresh produce tonight with dinner.

I’ve bought several gifts over the years from Sugarbush Farms in Woodstock, Vermont and since our route took us through Woodstock, we decided to stop by for a visit. This is a working farm and they produce their own maple syrup, cheese, etc. It’s a very rustic farmhouse but you could walk right in to a tasting room where we were given samples of all the grades of syrup and all different cheeses. We really enjoyed this visit, but you wouldn’t believe the location. We drove down a one lane road until it became a dirt road, then traveled along up and down hills until it seemed like we were not possibly going to find it. At the end of the road, the farm sits in a beautiful setting. It is a family run operation, so we saw one of the daughters dipping the blocks of cheese in wax, and one son was in the basement filling Internet requests. It was a very interesting visit.

We stopped at a couple of shops before ending the day at a KOA campground in Quechee, Vermont. There are many B&B’s everywhere in Vermont and New Hampshire. Also lots of gift shops, antique shops, etc.

It’s raining again, but we are settled so its ok. Temperatures are around 65 degrees. Heading south tomorrow.









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