The Grand Tetons into Jackson Wyoming 8/29/08

August 30, 2008 - 1:29 pm No Comments

This morning we awoke to a low temperature of 40 degrees.   We are still warm and cozy in our unit.   We had a quick breakfast and got the RV ready to pull out of Yellowstone.   We leave with a sense of wonderment at the beauty of this place.   We stopped by the registration station just to tell them what a wonderful visit we had.   On our way out toward the south entrance, we came upon a “bear jam”; ahead of us in the woods we caught a glimpse of two grizzly bears (a mother and cub).   We could not get a good photo because they were running through the woods.

Ten miles south of the south entrance of Yellowstone, we stopped by Lizard Creek Campground.   Our cousin Stan Mauldin has close friends who are hosts in this campground, so we stopped by to say hello to them.   Unfortunately this was their day off, and the other host did not know where they were.   We also tried to call their cell phone, but could not get a connection.

We continued our drive through the Grand Tetons.   These are magnificent and dramatic mountains between Yellowstone and Jackson Wyoming.   We had lunch at a pulloff right on the Jackson Lake with the tetons in the background.   Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.   We always said we hoped one day we could sit in our RV, having lunch, looking at a beautiful site.   Well, this was the day.   Simply overwhelming!

We arrived in Jackson around 3 p.m. and found a beautiful Albertson’s Grocery and went in for a few things.   As we were looking at the milk aisle, a man came toward us and Greg said to me “Bonnie, that’s Governor Bredesen”.   So I said to him “Hello Governor, Greetings from Chattanooga” and he turned and smiled at us and shook our hands.   He said he has a “place” out here and is here on vacation.   We said we were happy that Volkswagon was coming to Chattanooga and he agreed it was a big accomplishment.   Nice gentleman.   He said his wife sent him to the store with a grocery list, so guess he’s just like Greg 🙂

We got settled into the Virginian RV Resort and I’ve been busy getting these posts on the internet.   This is by far the most expensive place we’ve stayed but we have a beautiful view right out at the mountains.   There is a shuttle stop near us so we will take the shuttle into town tomorrow for some retail therapy.   Well, I’ll do the retail, and Greg will need therapy!!!   Whatever, it will be fun…

Then Sunday we will take our much anticipated rafting tour of the Snake River.   Thirteen miles of (we hope) scenic beauty and lots of wildlife.

For dinner this evening we had (I cheated tonight) fried chicken courtesy of Albertson’s, green beans, and scalloped potatoes.

Stay tuned.

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