The Driver and the Navigator

June 9, 2013 - 2:03 pm 1 Comment

We’ve had a pretty good day. Surely it’s not my imagination that when we crossed through the US border this morning, the weather improved! LOL

Since there is no scenery to speak of today, we talked about our teamwork while we travel. There are two jobs—the driver and the navigator. We both can do either job, but Greg would rather drive than navigate. When I navigate, I use a map, an exit book, a campground book, a magnifying glass, etc. When Greg navigates, he just stares at the map and asks me “where are we?” So it’s better if I navigate and he drives. He gets testy if he is faced with details. LOL. So you’ll see photos today of us driving and navigating. And not that I’m pushing you to take sides, but who would you rather navigate your 6,000 mile trip to Canada??? I’m just sayin’

I took the first photo in today’s entry to show you the rain and clouds we’ve seen most of this trip.

This crossing was the first time a border agent actually asked to enter the RV for inspection. So we gladly opened the door and he climbed in. He went all the way back to the bathroom, looked around, and then came back to the galley and opened the refrigerator. He asked if we were carrying citrus or seeds, firearms, alcohol (well maybe just a little). But I would have wrestled him if he had tried to take our wine. We bought three bottles at a winery in PEI and I wasn’t about to let him have it!! When he finished his inspection, he tipped his hat and said “welcome home”.

Did you know Canada does not have pennies? The total cost of your purchase is rounded up or down so the change you receive is nickels, dimes, etc. The looney is a one dollarpiece, and the tooney is a two dollarpiece. They do not have dollar bills. We started spending down our loonies and toonies a couple of days ago so we wouldn’t have Canadian currency when we came back to the US. We paid cash for our fuel, and bought some non-perishable groceries, and then today I had $1.60 left, so we stopped at a quick stop and I bought a small bag of potato chips that we enjoyed at lunchtime. So we are going home with 15 cents of Canadian currency. OK, so everyone make fun of me. Must be MEMA sitting on my shoulder. LOL

We made it to Kennebunkport, Maine for the evening. We are just a few miles from Walkers Point, home of George and Barbara Bush. They’ve already arrived for the summer. Tomorrow morning we hope to get a few shots of their home. Then we will head toward New Hampshire and Vermont.






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  1. Andrea Stahl Says:

    I can’t read a map. Even if I had a magnifying glass. And besides, Jeff would be yelling the entire way. Best he drive and navigate. I just look at the scenery. I give both of you lots of credit for being able to do both.

    Seaford chowder…the best. Being from the NorthEast, what can i say. It is a staple for us East Coast people. I love looking at your pictures. My favorite is the lighthouses. I want to drive up the East Coast and see NH and Maine soon. The end of May and early June is supposed to be clear and sunny. Maybe that will be our next trip. Tomorrow we leave for Cabo San Lucas. Will talk when we return. Safe driving on the way home. Thanks for letting me share in your journey. Andrea

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