Scenes from today’s drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico

September 26, 2011 - 4:51 pm 1 Comment

When we awoke this morning the temperature was 31 degrees!!!  It was the coldest morning we’ve had yet!    We had a quick continental breakfast at the campground in Eagle Nest before heading out toward Santa Fe.   Our drive today was a little less than 100 miles so we had an easy morning.    The landscape in northern New Mexico is very stark and dramatic.   We saw many abandoned farmhouses, rusted equipment, and signs of a bad economy.

We drove through Taos, which we visited in 2009, and made our way down to Santa Fe by lunchtime.   We enjoyed this same park in 2009 and this year the park is just about full.   A lot of folks here are waiting to drive down to Albuquerque for the balloon festival this coming weekend.      We saw another View down the street so we took a walk after lunch to check it out.  No one home during the middle of the day but I’m sure we’ll meet them soon.   We did meet a couple across the street from us who lives in “The Villages” near Orlando Florida.    The folks next to us are “full timers”.

We spent the afternoon getting settled, reading, and people watching.  Tomorrow we’ll take the city shuttle to “old town” and have lunch while we are out.

Stay tuned.   Bonnie

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  1. Marcy Remsen Says:

    Are you’all going through Madrid? That is where Sara Anne and I saw all of the indian jewelry.


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