Sault St. Marie, Michigan, Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013 - 12:58 pm 2 Comments

We awoke to very heavy fog this morning, but decided to press ahead. After having a bowl of cereal and packing up, we drove a little ways and stopped at McDonalds for coffee.

We are still having a chuckle when we ask “where is my hat?” and it’s on his head, or “where are my glasses ” and they are on my face. But we are settling into our groove and not nearly as confused as our first day out. LOL

Our plans changed a little for today. We drove about 60 miles to Sault (pronounced sue) St. Marie, to do a little sightseeing. During the drive, we saw an unusual sight—-a beautiful eagle was on the side of the road, enjoying a breakfast of road kill. Sault St. Marie is the last city in Michigan before crossing into Canada. I had read about a campground right on St. Mary’s River situated so you can watch the ships coming to and from Canada, and near the locks. We are literally looking at Canada across the river. The campground (Aune Osborn RV Park) is so great, we decided to stop for the day and enjoy the views of the ships from our camp sight. Within a few minutes of setting up, the first ship came by. You first hear a fog horn blast, and then in a couple of minutes you can see the ship rounding the bend before coming directly in front of our site. We saw two ships come by in the first hour so we expect to see several ships today.

Sault St. Marie was founded in 1668. Lots of beautiful Indian names up here, including Chippawa County, and Taquamenon Falls. The town of Sault St. Marie has the small town feel and is very quaint.

The campground has a wonderful walking path so we bundled up and walked a lot today. Temperature is around 50 degrees, but as long as it doesn’t rain, we are in good shape. The downside of this park is that I cannot get WIFI at our site, but the views override the need for WIFI. Maybe I can walk over to the office later and download today’s entry.

I’ve attached several photos of our views of the ships today. Tomorrow we will definitely cross over into Canada.






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  1. Ziggie Says:

    WOW! 50 degrees sounds awesome. I’m having 3 couples visit for Memorial Day Weekend; so, my comments will be limited until next week. One guy that I went to high school with is turning 60 (a baby that I knew in high school); so, we will celebrate in style all weekend. Have a great crossing into Canada tomorrow. Hope the FOG HORNS don’t keep you awake all night! LOL!

  2. Greg and Bonnie Says:

    50 degrees does sound great, especially now that it is 40 degrees!!!!

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