S U S H I with Ben! Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010 - 8:42 pm 1 Comment

We had so much fun with Ben today. He came over this afternoon and we visited for a while—we gave him the things we brought him from Alaska. He took us to dinner at a fabulous Japanese restaurant in Sausalito—Sushi Ran. We sat at the sushi bar and Ben ordered for us. Our chef spoke with Ben in Japanese which always tickles us. The chef was interested in how Ben learned to speak Japanese so fluently. We sat at the bar because we got to see the chef prepare each dish right in front of us.

Now I’ll be honest with you—my sushi was filled with cooked fish. Greg tried all sorts of sushi that Ben ordered, but I’m not ready to taste raw fish. But the chefs are artists—it was so interesting seeing them work.

The dessert tray was another work of art. We were given green tea to drink after our meal with dessert. We sat next to a woman and her daughter from Petaluma who said she brings her daughter here twice a year just to have the same sushi chef prepare her sushi. She said he was the very best. He certainly was talented.

Tomorrow Ben will come over and we’ll spend the day together. Stay tuned. Bonnie

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  1. Allan Trotter Says:

    I think I have seen everything now – Mom and Dad eating Sushi in Calfornia with Ben after being gone from home for over two months! I don’t even know you guys anymore!
    These are some of my favorite pictures of your trip – I’m glad that you finally made it out to Ben (we miss you Ben). Everyone looks great – hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

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