Rendevous with Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane

May 20, 2010 - 5:39 pm 6 Comments

What a fun day we had!! We had a great night’s sleep last night and were on the road by 9:00 a.m. We stopped at a little general store in the area to get bread and such. We have met such nice people on the trip. A good many folks we run into immediately ask where we are from. It seems they think we have an “accent”!! And they always ask where we are going, and when we mention Alaska, they are full of questions. It’s fun to talk with new folks every day.

We crossed from central time to mountain time and we arrived at the famous Wall Drug at lunch time so we decided to have lunch there. We had a couple of burgers and Greg splurged and bought a couple of their delicious home made donuts. I found a sweet little turquoise and sterling silver ring. As you will see from one of the photos, Greg met a saloon girl (or so he thought). Bless his heart.

We arrived in Deadwood, South Dakota around 2:00 p.m. Actually we had a comedy of errors but by the end of the day it was all worth it. I selected the KOA campground in Deadwood because they advertised a free shuttle to take you into downtown Deadwood. When we arrived we were told the shuttle is not running yet (guess it’s early in the season). No problem, we just called a cab referred to us by the folks who run the campground. A nice guy who owns the cab company came by to take us to town. We asked about a tour in town that would take us to the grave sites of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. He stopped right in front of the booth that sold tickets for the tour. The sign on the booth said the next tour was 4:30 which was perfect for us. We looked around town because it was only 3:30, and then we sat on a bench near the tour stop. At around 4:15 the previous tour bus pulled up and said there would not be another tour today. So we jumped on a town shuttle and rode through town to kill some time before an early dinner.

We were told by several folks that the best dinner in town was at the Deadwood Social Club. We found this restaurant and it was very old west looking, but excellent food. Also the interesting thing was they had a complimentary glass of champagne before dinner. We were disappointed that we didn’t get to see the grave sites, but decided it was ok and we would head back to the campground. The same guy, Andy, came back to get us and he asked if we got to go on the tour. We explained what happened, and he said, well, I’ve got some extra time, so I’m going to take you to the grave sites without charge and give you a little tour. So off we go with the cab driver. He took us to the cemetery and took us to the grave sites of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. The cab driver is a retired fellow from New York. He also rides Harleys and when he retired he chose to live in this area. The cab company is just enough for him to live comfortably and do what he wants. At any rate we were totally thrilled that Andy (our friend the cab driver) was such a good guy. He went beyond the call of duty, but he said it was his pleasure. So although we thought we were going to miss the tour, we had a private tour anyway!!! Even better. And yes, boys, Dad gave him an extra tip!

We are in a great little campground in Deadwood. A nice couple from Montana are next to us in a rented rig, and they were so intrigued with our View they asked all sorts of questions. They are only touring the Badlands and then heading toward home. Nice people.

Well we’ve had a great day indeed. Meandering through South Dakota on a beautiful day without a care in the world. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Tomorrow we’ll cross into Wyoming and spend the night in Buffalo, and then on to Cody on Saturday. We are looking forward to visiting with Greg’s sister and family. We always have fun with them and many laughs.

Stay tuned! Bonnie and Greg

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  1. Pam & Werner Says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a fun trip so far! And I do understand about things not being quite tours etc..but you got a private one anyway. As I mentioned before there’s a new weather system coming in and will only be 36 here tonight. Dieter arrived today and is looking forward to being with you! See you Saturday.

  2. Don Says:

    Glad to see that you didn’t hit the road until 9 am…..that’s more our speed!
    Don & Sandie

  3. Cindy and Randy Says:

    We love reading about your trip. Glad you are having such a wonderful time. Stay safe and we will stay tuned for your next adventure. Greg you might need to leave those saloon girls alone….Bonnie will be buying herself a six shooter.

  4. Gail Plemons Says:

    Love your vivid description of your trip. I feel like I am there with you guys.

  5. Benjamin Says:

    You should stop by Kinko’s and get business cards with your website details on them so you can hand out to all the strangers, unless Dad is suspicious of the privacy concerns.. 🙂

  6. Pat Says:

    We had stayed in Sturgis and drove up to Deadwood. I would have liked to explore the town more, but when my husband saw that it was only casinos he wasn’t interested. Had I known about the two gravesites, I would have wanted to see them, too.

    How nice that Andy gave you a private tour! We were also there in May (the beginning of May), and it was pretty dead there, too. Sturgis? Nothing was happening. But they did have the sculptures on parade on Main Street.

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