Rafting on the Snake River 8/31/08

August 31, 2008 - 3:22 pm No Comments

Rafting on the Snake RiverWe had a good night’s sleep and the temperature was moderate; we woke up to 56 degrees.   It’s very cloudy here today and we hoped the weather would clear so that we could get a nice afternoon on the Snake River.   Around 11 a.m. the clouds broke and Hansen Outfitters picked us up at our park.   We started the 3 hour rafting trip around noon.   What a great time we had.

Our guide was a young woman (GIRL POWER) named Christina.   She is from New Hampshire, a recent college graduate who majored in outdoor recreation, environmental teaching, etc.    She is 23 years old, and works here during the summer and then goes back to New Hampshire to teach snow boarding and snow skiing in the winter.   What a free spirit!!   She was a great guide and did an excellent job in telling us all about the area and the wildlife.

Actually the only wildlife we saw were eagles,  and what a sight they were.   Every corner we turned there were eagles and nests in the trees.   The nests are huge; she said they can weigh hundreds of pounds.  We saw a few homes but they are very sparse; she said 97% of the land around Jackson is federal property and only 3% is owned privately.   Naturally, the costs are huge.   We saw a magnificent home on a bluff overlooking the Snake River which is owned by Uma Thurman.  She said Uma is only here a couple of weeks every year.   Imagine!   Also we passed the property owned by Harrison Ford.   Harrison lives here primarily all the time and he’s very active in community service.   You’ve probably all heard the stories about him flying his helicopter to rescue hikers and such.   I remember once he rescued a boy scout using his helicopter.  

At any rate, we had a great day; the scenery was awesome, and our luck is still holding out with the weather.   A bad cloud came up over the mountains as we were getting to the end of the tour, and by the time we were dropped off at our park, it started to rain, but just a little.

We are off to Montana tomorrow.   Stay tuned.   Oh, and dinner tonight is pizza, being delivered by the pizza hut!!!

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