NO WAY!!!!! 9/3/08

September 3, 2008 - 6:24 pm No Comments

We got ready this morning for a pickup time of 9:30 a.m. by the Red Bus Tours.   They actually came to our campground to get us.   There were 2 other couples waiting at the office with us.   At 9:30 the bus came up to our campground and we were off on our day trip through Glacier National Park.   The Red Bus has an interesting history.   There are 33 original buses from 1936 and have been refurbished by Ford Motor Company.   The bus has a “roll back” top, which is canvas, and about 16 folks were on the bus with us.   The roll back top is perfect for this tour because of the dramatic heights of the mountains.  We could take photos from every possible angle.

We noticed the young man who was our guide and driver had a name tag on his cap which said “Wayne, Georgia”.   So I asked if he was from Georgia.   We talked about football some; he told us that UTK lost their game on Monday!   At any rate, I asked where he was from and he said “Milledgeville”.   NO WAY!!!!  This is Greg’s hometown.   He graduated last year from my alma mater, Georgia College and State University.    A couple sitting in front of us said they were also from Milledgeville.   Their son, a good friend of our driver Wayne, was also out here working in Glacier for the summer so they were visiting.   The man told us his name, and low and behold, he graduated from Georgia College the same year as me, and had also attended Georgia Military College the same years as Greg.   His name sounded familiar; I’m sure if I look in my old yearbook I would remember him.   So everyone on the bus laughed at us calling out names we knew from the past, and we all knew the same folks.   The two young fellows (driver and friend) got a kick out of us telling stories from 40 years ago which happened at their college.   What a small world!!!   The young man who was our guide did a terrific job guiding us through the park.   I told him I would call his Mother next time we are in Milledgeville and tell her what a great job he did today.    

Glacier is the most beautiful park we’ve ever seen.   There’s a good reason they do not allow motor homes on this road.   It is hazardous, and so narrow that at times only one car could pass.   We saw the Jackson Glacier which will probably be gone within 20 years or less.   What a loss!   We had dramatic changes in temperatures today; warm, cold, rain, snow, everything.   We stopped for lunch at a lodge in the park and had a great meal.   While we were in the lodge we sat by a blazing fire, which felt wonderful considering how cold we were in the open bus on the way up to the lodge.   We walked the “Trail of Cedars” which has the oldest trees in the park.  Huge cedar trees in a quiet forest; it was something to see and enjoy.  We also saw an osprey nest with mama and two babies.  Got a great photo of a mountain goat sitting on a ledge, and a deer standing quietly on the side of the road, obviously used to the traffic.

The trip lasted until 4:30 p.m. when Wayne brought us back to the campground.   We really enjoyed the  day; it was money well spent.  Tomorrow we head out back toward home through Montana and then North Dakota.   We have enjoyed our visit here in Glacier immensely and will never forget it’s beauty.  Photos will be published asap.   Stay tuned.


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