Musings at Journey’s End, Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16, 2011 - 4:39 pm No Comments

Today would have been my Mother’s 90th birthday.   She’s been gone 8 years, and it’s still hard to believe.    She would be so excited to read about our travels.   We’ve had a wonderful trip, once again.    We are happy to be home and we’ve already had a visit from Allan, Catherine, Olivia, and Grayson.   Olivia is talking up a storm, and Grayson is crawling and pulling up.   They’ve changed a great deal since we left.

Here are some final thoughts:

1.  We drove 5,000 miles

2.  America is beautiful

3.  We are so glad Ben moved to Austin, Texas

4.  Tennessee is beautiful in the fall

5.  We LOVE Santa Fe, New Mexico

6.  If you see something you want, better buy it!!

7.  The state of Colorado is one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen

8.  We’ll definitely go back to south Louisiana one of these days

9.  McDonald’s coffee is excellent

10. The aspen tree is one of the prettiest we’ve seen

11. Campground book exchanges are awesome

12. It’s great to visit old friends

13. We’re so lucky to have good health and good resources

14.  We missed the grandchildren more than we thought

Hope everyone has a healthy and safe year ahead.   Stay tuned to see where we go next year.   Bonnie and Greg

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