Musings at Journey’s End 9/11/08

September 12, 2008 - 3:25 pm No Comments

We had a good night’s sleep in Paducah, KY, Wednesday night.  Temperatures were more moderate so we know we are getting close to home.   We had a quick breakfast and headed toward home around 8:30 a.m.   It’s a beautiful day for driving.  We arrived home in the middle of the afternoon and our little 91 year old neighbor greeted us.   He and his wife miss us when we are gone, so they were happy to see us home again.

I told you I was going to do a “Lessons Learned” entry; but to be honest, we were so well prepared, we really didn’t have too many lessons to learn.  Kudos to us!   LOL

According to our good friend Bill Bailey, the first item on our next travel agenda is to throw away the agenda.  Absolutely no commitments any time any where!   We’ll get there when we get there.   So here are a few points that we were thinking today as we drove home:

1.  Stay longer next time.   One month is not enough.

2.  Illinois has the worst roads we’ve driven on.   Second is Iowa.   Where are the fuel tax dollars going?

3.  Always have internet access and cell phone access, but if not, go with the flow.

4.  RVers are happy campers.

5.  Sirius Radio rocks!

6.  A must for any road trip:   The book “Exploring the Next Exit”.  Also, the Woodall’s Campground Directory.

7.  Be a member of the Good Sam Club.

8.  RVing is hard work, but totally worth the effort.

9.   When we are RVing, Bikers are our “peeps”.

10.  Most RVers travel with a menagerie of pets; mostly dogs (big and small).   Unbelieveable!!

A few stats from our trip  FYI:

1.  Drove 5,800 miles

2.  Bought 367 gallons of diesel fuel

3.  Average price for diesel was $4.29/gallon

4.  Campground prices ranged from a low of $21/night in Paducah to a high of $62/night in Jackson, WY

5.  We only ate out 5 times during the entire month (lunch and dinner), and I still had one casserole left for dinner the night we returned home!   Ya gotta laugh at that!

Enough of this, we are still amazed and happy that so many of you enjoyed the blog.   It was fun having you all along for the ride.   And what a ride it was!    We’ll  have another big trip next year; either Alaska or the New England States.   I’ll let you know so you can join us again.   Now this doesn’t mean that we aren’t going anywhere until the next big trip.   We are going to Maggie Valley, NC for a week in October; two weeks in Longboat Key Florida next February; two weeks in Longboat Key Florida next May; and whatever else strikes our fancy.   These short trips are strictly condo trips.

The photos on this entry are a sampling of photos that we haven’t posted before.  We have a total of 485 photos to choose from!     Hope you join us on our next adventure.     Bonnie and Greg

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