Lollygagging Along the Magnificent Oregon Coast, Friday, July 23, 2010

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We awoke to a beautiful crisp morning and were ready to leave the RV Park by 8:30 a.m. We stopped by another lighthouse, the Umpqua River Lighthouse, right outside Winchester Bay, Oregon. I had so many pretty photos of the beach I didn’t even include the Lighthouse in this entry.

We crossed over the highest bridge in Oregon, 345 feet high over an inlet near the ocean. The drive today was absolutely spectacular. I’m running out of superlative words to describe the Oregon coastline. The coast is mostly lava rock and the rocks are black and jutting out of the water near the coastline. It’s just spectacular. Once again, the road at times was high on a cliff, and then it came down next to the shoreline. We stopped for a walk on the shore, and we were only there 30 minutes or so when the fog rolled in unexpectedly. Then around the next curve, it was completely clear again. While walking down to the beach we found little yellow flowers along the pathway. The flowers were so pretty we took a closeup of it. This flower is called the yellow sand verbena, a coastal perennial living in dunes or along the high beach. How do I know this? The internet, of course!

We stopped for lunch at a wayside which gave us a wonderful view of the ocean and rocks below. Here’s what the view reminds me of: do you remember the movie several years ago named “The Goonies”? Well I can just picture the pirate ship at the end of the movie sailing out in the ocean between those tall lava rocks. We only drove 100 miles today but we took our time and spent the entire day stopping, looking, and enjoying every single minute.

Oh! and have you ever heard of Myrtlewood? We saw a couple of shops advertising Myrtlewood and after the second shop, I told Greg to STOP THE CAR! We went in the shop and a nice young lady explained what Myrtlewood is. Myrtlewood trees are only grown in three places on earth—Southern Oregon, northern California, and Israel (or so we were told). The shop had all sorts of items made from Myrtlewood. The wood has many striations in it to make each piece different from the next. I did have to buy a few things (Catherine you will love it!)

We crossed into California and all traffic has to stop at a border crossing and we were asked if we were bringing firewood into the state, specifically from Oregon. The Oregon trees must be infested with some sort of bug. We drove through Smith River, California which is the Easter Lily capital of the world. There were fields of Easter Lilies growing on both sides of the road as we passed through this area.

We came upon the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park where we are spending the night in a little area called Hiochi. We drove briefly through huge Redwoods on our way to our little park. Tomorrow we will drive on down the coast and see many more Redwoods before settling in the Humbolt Redwood Forest where we will drive the 31 mile loop of the “Avenue of the Giants”.

Stay tuned. Bonnie

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  1. Allan Trotter Says:

    Great pictures today -I can’t believe how foggy it looks by the beach. Can’t wait to see all of your purchases when you get home.

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