LBJ Library and the Texas State Capitol, Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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This morning Greg and I went back over to the Austin Java to get a cup of coffee and catch up on the blog.   This is a real pain in the neck NOT to have WIFI in the campground.   But on the positive side, we are getting to know the waitresses at the Austin Java really well.   One waitress looks exactly like Cheryl on “Dancing with the Stars”.   She’s a cutie pie.

Ben had a business meeting this morning so we hung around the RV park until he picked us up around 11:30 a.m.   I made several phone calls this morning to make appointments for next week when we are home.   My hairdresser was top of the list.   We both really need haircuts, as we usually do when we return from a long trip.

We had lunch at one of the “lunch trailers” around Austin.   Austin has made a science of the lunch trailers.   They move all around town in lots designated for them and there are several trailers in each lot.  Plenty of parking spaces.   Sandwiches, tacos, desserts, kabobs, anything you can eat, you can find in a trailer.   And the price is right, and the food is very good.    We got some great soft tacos at “Torchy’s Tacos”; actually they were fajitas wrapped in a flour tortilla.   And we had some of the best chips and guacomole/salsa we’ve ever had.   Everything is homemade right there on the spot and after we made our order, we sat down at one of many picnic tables.    They brought our food to the table and we enjoyed an outdoor meal.   You won’t believe the temperature was 86 degrees today, so we are in shorts for the day.

After lunch we visited the LBJ Library, which is on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin.   Ben was very interested in the history during the 60’s and how things have changed in America since then.   We saw a lot of gifts that were given to the Johnsons while they were in the White House, and a lot of documents from that era pertaining to the Viet Nam War and civil rights demonstrations, etc.

After the Library, we visited the State Capitol which was a beautiful and elegant building.    When we were walking out the door, Ben ran into a tour group of high school students from Japan.   He started talking with them and when he told them (in Japanese) he attended the International Christian University in Tokyo in 1999, they were very impressed.   The students grinned and wanted their photos taken with him.   So we all stood around while Ben talked with the students in Japanese.   It’s always fun to see the interaction.   From their responses, it seems he can still speak Japanese fluently.

We spent some time at Ben’s apartment after our tours and rested while he did some work.   We had dinner tonight in south Austin which is a hip and happening part of Austin.   The restaurant, Botocelli’s, was really authentic italian food and we enjoyed it.    We now know why Ben has fallen in love with Austin.    The weather is still awesome, lots of open air restaurants, people walking around, shops open late, and those food trailers are everywhere!!!!   After dinner we looked at the trailers, ice cream, cupcakes, everything imaginable, and Greg and Ben had an “ice cream house”.    It’s a homemade ice cream sandwich, with you choosing the cookies that make the “house”, and your choice of  ice cream.

Tomorrow we meet with the realtors to finalize Ben’s color choices, tile, hardwood, etc.   He’s very excited about being a first time home owner.

Stay tuned.   Bonnie

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  1. Don & Sandie Says:

    Greetings from the Fanchers! Glad to see that you all are having another great trip. Your visit to Texas brings back memories of seven years living in Dallas and our visits around the state in our first RV (’83 class C). The Texas hill country is a great place to visit by RV…..we had lunch one day beside the Pedernales River across from LBJ’s ranch house. Ben….Dusti is really cute!
    Don & Sandie

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