Interesting day going to Glacier National Park 9/2/08

September 3, 2008 - 5:59 pm No Comments

We had a little rain last night but by morning it was clear and crisp with a temperature of 36 degrees.

Since we have a short drive today to Glacier we had a leisurely breakfast and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee before heading out.  After filling the diesel tank and propane tank we got on the road around 9:30 a.m.  We had a beautiful day of driving.   The temperatures warm up quickly out here so by noon it was 60 degrees.

We had a very interesting morning.  We passed a sign on the highway that said “vegetables”.  I told Greg to be sure to stop.   We saw the sign again at the entrance to a farm so we turned in.  This looked like a big isolated farm community.    Then we noticed barracks, very neat, with clothes lines, nice flowers.  Then on the clothes lines were clothes appearing to be in the Amish style.  We drove around the corner, and there was a building which had vegetables sitting out front.  As I approached the door, a group of young girls (12-15 yrs old) came out and welcomed me in.  They were dressed in the Amish style with bonnets.  They giggled and asked where I was from because I had an accent (huh?)

A couple of the girls showed me the vegetables and I picked out several things — beautiful corn, green beans, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes.   Fresh from the ground.  One of the girls told me they were “Hutterites”.  I presume this is a religious sect.  The girls were terrific and children came from every corner to see us.  The girl told me they are self contained and do not leave the farm.  I’m anxious to read about this sect on the internet.

We are in very desolate country today; miles and miles of huge farms, no road signs, etc. We even hit a patch of road ( 8-10 miles) that was not even paved.  I’ve taken a photo just to show Allan and Ben how much mud is on their Dad’s Rig.  You know he was pitching a fit while driving through this muck!   LOL

At any rate, our campground at Glacier is Johnson’s RV Park.  We are sitting on top of a hill overlooking a lake (St. Mary’s) and beautiful mountains of Glacier.  A nice couple came in at the same time as us, and we hit if off so we had dinner with them at a little cafe near the campground. They are from Texas and have been in Canada–gone from home since May!  Peggy and Lowell Reeves–great folks!

No TV or WIFI tonight so we are listening to CNN on the Sirius radio.  Tomorrow we will be on a Red Bus Tour on the “Road to the Sun” which goes straight across the park.  RV’s are not allowed on this road due to it’s hazardous condition.   Cars can use this road.   Stay tuned.

Will have to post photos later.   Having trouble with internet.  AGAIN!

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