I LOVE Santa Fe

September 29, 2011 - 2:49 pm No Comments

I didn’t take my camera to the Plaza today and I should have.   We hopped on the shuttle this morning for one last time.    Today happened to be an open market on the Plaza held by The Native American Artists Association.    Many native americans bring their wares (mostly jewelry) and sell them.    Because they belong to this association, they have strict guidelines about their jewelry.   They have to use sterling silver or copper or other pure metal, they mark each of their pieces with their initials and follow other guidelines.   Talk about jewelry overload!!!!   Each native american spread their wares on the sidewalk  in little blocks of space and you are encouraged to pick the items up and try them on.   They tell you the story of their jewelry making.    Many intricate bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. to peruse.

Now you’re wondering what I bought?     I found a beautiful sterling silver ring with an amber stone, a pair of sterling silver earrings with turquoise stones, and another sterling silver ring with a pink stone (can’t remember the name of the stone).   I tried on several bracelets but didn’t find one that called my name.   But the market atmosphere was so much fun!!!   Tourists from all over were looking, trying on, and purchasing their products.   We really like to purchase products when we know the artist and this was certainly the day to do that.

We had lunch at a nice little restaurant on the Plaza, but rather than another mexican meal, we opted for a lunch of tuna salad and cup of soup.   Both were excellent and we really enjoyed it.

After lunch we strolled the Plaza and heard some beautiful music coming from the square.    It was heavenly.    As we looked around we saw a man in a wheelchair and he had a huge harp in front of him.   He was the most gifted musician I’ve ever heard.   He played jazz and classical music and people were just mesmerized.    It would be interesting to know his story, because on the one hand he appeared to be down on his luck, but on the other hand he was so obviously talented!!!

The Plaza was filled with all sorts of individuals.   Lots of tourists,  but also lots of “individuals” who looked different from us.   Riding the shuttle in Santa Fe is an experience in itself.    Both days this week we were joined on the shuttle by a gentleman who is homeless, or at least down on his luck.    He also is an alcoholic, but not a loud and ugly one.    The first day he got on the shuttle with us, he asked where we were from, what did we do for a living before retirement; he was very respectful.    He shook our hands before getting off the shuttle.    Today on our way home from the Plaza, he got on the shuttle once again.   He took one look at us and said “hey, I met you yesterday, you’re an engineer and you’re from Tennessee”.   He chatted a little and mentioned that he already had a buzzon  and he told us how much beer he already had today.   He mentioned something about a lost love affair and how we looked like we had been together a long time.  Yup, we said, 40 years.   He shook our hands once again before getting off and said he was pleased to have met us.

You just never know how lucky you are until you are reminded in some tangible way.   We had a restful afternoon and we’re getting the rig ready to leave in the morning for Albuquerque.   We will drive the Turquoise Trail (uh oh) from Santa Fe to Albuquerque  before settling in our campground in Albuquerque.  Greg says that’s going to be 62 miles of opportunity to find more jewelry.   LOL

Stay tuned.  Bonnie

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