Home Sweet Home 7/29/09

July 30, 2009 - 1:39 pm 2 Comments

Well we stopped in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee all set to spend the night in Loretta Lynn’s campground, or “Dude Ranch” as she calls it.   We arrived around noon and were met by a couple who told us they were going to be full this week due to a MotorCross event held at the ranch each year, which so happens to be this week.   They were expecting 40,000 people with screaming motorcycles!!

We decided to tour the museum and property and head on home.   Her museum was very good, one of the best I’ve seen.   Lots and lots of her stage outfits.   There was memorabilia from the movie “Coalminer’s Daughter”, including the bus used for her touring, and the jeep that “Doo” drove her around in when they first met.   Lots of memorabilia on other country music stars too.   All in all it was a great museum.

We saw a replica of her childhood home in “Butcher Holler” Kentucky.   She really came from deep poverty.   The home that she and her husband built on the property is now used on a tour of the place.   In 1989 Loretta built another house at the back of the property to live in privately.   The property is really beautiful with horses, creeks, etc.   I understand why they loved it so much.

We started the final leg of our journey around 1:00 p.m CST and arrived home around 6:30 p.m. eastern time.

We are glad to be home and although it’s great to be home, it’s also a little sad to finish a trip.   We start it with such excitement and planning, and then when it ends there’s a little letdown.   But we can plan another trip for October when we will tour the Shenandoah Valley while the leaves are turning.

We saw many road projects provided by the “American Restoration and Recovery project”.    This put many people to work and it also helps the road system, which is in great need of help.   Our nation is a beautiful mix of desolate landscape all the way to the lush green hills and valleys of our area.  Coming across Nickajack Lake reminded us of how beautiful our side of the US is.   Seeing the “See Rock City” signs made us feel close to home.   And the kudzu and humidity of the south can’t be denied.

We drove approximately 6,500 miles on this trip.   Don’t know how much we spent on fuel because it was so much less than last year, we didn’t even bother to total it.   It was about half the cost of last year’s trip.

We’ll spend the next few days emptying the RV and cleaning everything to be ready for our next adventure.

Thanks to all of you who followed us on this trip.   Stay tuned!!

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  1. Matt Dicerbo Says:

    I like you all’s blog. I’m sure you’re having a lot of fun adventures in the RV! If you ever make it up to Richmond, VA, be sure to stop by.

    I heard you’re getting a grand baby soon

    As an update on me, I’ll be getting married on Sept. 6.

    Talk to you later,

  2. Phyllis Beene Says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip! It’s nice to be reminded what a big place it is out there, and so interesting to hear the perspectives of a friend on all of it rather than just reading the facts in a travel magazine. Sort of broadens our horizons even if we are surrounded by gray cubicle walls most days! 🙂

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