He’s studying at the Library, Mrs. Trotter, Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15, 2011 - 2:27 pm 1 Comment

It was cold again last night —what crazy weather.   Very warm during the day, and at bedtime we have the air conditioner running.   Then around 2:00 a.m. we need to get blankets out and turn on the heat!    But we continue to have beautiful weather.

We were passed by a View, exactly like ours, outside Baton Rouge, and we trailed each other until they split off to New Orleans.   It’s always fun to see another View and they seemed to enjoy seeing us as well.

Speaking of New Orleans, and the reason for naming this entry as I did, when I think of New Orleans, I always think of a time when Allan was a student at the University of Tennessee.   He lived with a great group of guys, two of whom were Monuj Bashambu and Jim Copeland.   One weekend we called Allan’s apartment just to say hello and Jim answered the phone.   We spoke briefly and then I asked to speak with Allan.   Jim, in his usual polite manner, said “He’s studying at the Library, Mrs. Trotter”.   So I assumed he meant the University of Tennessee Library.  Isn’t that great, I said to Jim, and we’ll just check with him later.    We found out MUCH MUCH later that this was Mardi Gras weekend and he was actually in New Orleans with Monuj Bashambu.   They could have been “at the library” at Tulane, because Monuj was going to attend medical school there.   Maybe they were checking out the library, but at the same time, I bet they were checking out the Mardi Gras.   We cannot ever think about New Orleans that we don’t remember that evening when sweet Jim Copeland told us Allan was studying at the library.

We skirted by New Orleans and I made a mental note that we should make a trip down this way again.    This is such a pretty area of the country.   Very low lying land, and it really looks coastal.   Lots of marsh lands that you will see in the photo.   Lots of waterways.

We stopped for the last evening of our trip near Meridian, Mississippi.   It’s actually a very nice little quiet campground and we even have cable TV so we are watching the LSU/UT football game.   By the way, when we drove through Baton Rouge (home of LSU) we certainly got plenty of smiles and looks from the locals (who were all dressed in their school colors).

I’ll have a brief entry tomorrow of “Musings at Journey’s End”.   Stay tuned.  Bonnie

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  1. Allan & Catherine Says:

    That is so funny – that story always makes me laugh. Poor Jim was guilty by association. Of course, now I have a different viewpoint and if Olivia ever tries to pull something like that, I would ground her for life! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!



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