Here we go again–Alaska 2014

May 30, 2014 - 3:50 pm 1 Comment

Mother always told us we MUST go to Alaska twice.  The first visit in 2010 was filled with all sorts of touristy things.  The second trip will be just for the pure joy of seeing the beautiful scenery, and taking turns in the road that we missed in 2010.


Getting the RV ready this year has been somewhat difficult and time consuming.  Because we store it for most of the year before using, it seems that every system has to be checked out by professionals.   The cab air conditioner needed refrigerant, we had oil change, fuel filter change, etc.   At any rate, here we are, finally on the road.


We stopped for our first night at one of our favorite campgrounds in Benton Illinois.  The campground is Whittington Woods.   Absolutely beautiful park with big tall trees, level sites, and clean restrooms.   The interesting thing about this park is the owners are avid gardeners and they own several chickens which they keep in a very clean coop.   Our experience here has been upon checkin, the owner gives us some fresh eggs from her hens.   This trip I remembered to bring an empty egg carton for her to fill.  Sure enough, she gave me a dozen of beautiful eggs.  I offered to pay her, but she would not accept.  So we will enjoy fresh eggs in the next week.


We had no sooner gotten set up and taken a quick walk, when it poured rain.  It was a nice gentle rain and really cooled things down.  We enjoyed honey baked ham and potato salad for dinner.   I’m sure we will sleep well this evening.


By the way,  Ben is currently traveling overseas.  Today around noon, my IPAD rang, and it was Ben calling us —  FROM THAILAND!!!  So we are driving down the interstate near Paducah, Kentucky, talking with Ben in real time.  He came through clear as a bell.  Amazing!

Fresh eggs from Whittington Woods Illinois

Fresh eggs from Whittington Woods Illinois


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  1. Marcy Says:

    It’s amazing how far you two will travel for a free dozen of eggs. LOL

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