Hello from Ottawa, Ontario

May 24, 2013 - 3:20 pm 1 Comment

This will be a short entry today. We made it to Ottawa for the evening. Campground is fine but nothing special. They charge $1 to get a shower, which is tacky. so we will shower in the RV, thanks but no thanks.

We are looking forward to getting through Montreal tomorrow. We are not so keen on these big cities, so we are studying the map this evening. After tomorrow, we should be finished with the large cities for a while. We will skirt by Quebec City but will not sightsee there. We are anxious to get to the less populated areas. And by the way, Ontario looks just like home, so there are not much interesting new landscapes yet. We will be on the Gaspe Peninsula in a couple of days and the scenery will be drastically different.

Temperatures are more moderate today, but still cool with high of 52 or so. We woke this morning to 32 degrees but had a good night’s sleep—-thank goodness for the electric blankets!

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  1. Don Says:

    Bonnie, Why do you need an electric blanket? I thought that was why you married Greg! Glad your trip is going well. Sandie and I are off to Sewanee next weekend for Sandie’s 50th high school reunion at St. Andrews-Sewanee. She just completed working for the past three weeks and is glad it’s over with.

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