Hello from Fredericton, New Brunswick

June 8, 2013 - 1:16 pm 1 Comment

We realized last night when we were checking weather that Hurricane Andrea was going to make a direct hit to Nova Scotia. It’s probably no more than a tropical storm, but rather than wait it out, we decided to hit the road this morning.

We already decided that we would not try to make the 8 hour ferry crossing to Newfoundland due to bad weather, and this final round of storms definitively answered the question for us. We are a little disappointed, but to be honest, we also are ready to head home. The weather has been difficult. Between the rain and cold, we’ve not been able to walk or hike, so being stuck in the RV every day is not fun. So it’s just as well that we head home.

We will cross the US border tomorrow at St. Croix, Maine, and will be home by next weekend. We will drive through New Hampshire and Vermont, where we hope to find some good maple syrup.

No photos today due to bad weather. ARGHHHH

PS. almost forgot to mention two things. We hit the 4,000 mile mark. And yesterday we stopped at a village market which advertised fresh oysters right from the sea. We bought some, and the fish monger actually shucked the oysters right there while we waited. I used Mama’s recipe of crushed saltines with seasonings to coat the oysters (after dipping in egg) and fried them quickly. We both agreed they were the best oysters we’ve ever had. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

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  1. SaSa Says:

    Sorry to hear that you are going to head home so soon—can’t control the weather, though. Is this weather unusual for this time of year?

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