Hello from Anchorage, Alaska Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Well Don and Sandie took a flight last night over Mt. McKinley and the plane landed on a glacier. They also got a view of Mt. McKinley. Sandie was tickled to get to walk on the glacier. Someone who landed before them had left a small box on the ice at the place where the plane landed, and the sign on the box said “rest in peace, Dad”. Would love to know the story of that adventure.

Also last night in our campground in Talkeetna, Don and Sandie ran into a fellow from Georgia. They mentioned they went to UTK, and the guy said “my parents graduated from the medical school in Memphis”. Sandie said, so did I, I’m a pharmacist. The guy said “so are my parents”. And you guessed it, Sandie graduated from pharmacy school with this guy’s parents and knew them well.

It’s interesting that when we stop at a grocery store in the smaller areas, there is usually a sign on the door saying “NO GUNS”!!!

We stopped in Wasilla to visit the Iditarod Headquarters. It was an extremely busy day at the headquarters because today is the signup day for next years’ race. So there were lots of people milling around. We saw some dogs and there was a small museum. We treated ourselves to Arby’s for lunch. Wasilla was a larger town than we expected. It is also the home of a woman who ran for Vice President a while back. She’s not very popular up here in Wasilla.

We arrived at our campground in Anchorage around 2:00 p.m. We settled in and were able to walk to the ULU Factory down the road. We saw the workmen making the bowls that go with the knives. I picked up several gifts and a set for myself. We then rode a shuttle to the nearby downtown area where on each Saturday and Sunday during the summer they have a festival where all local artisans bring their goods for sale. We will spend most of the day tomorrow at the festival. While walking back to the campground from the Ulu Factory, a city policeman told us to go by the area behind the Ulu Factory to view the running of the king salmon. You know the story of the salmon. After they spawn, they come home again to die. They are very red when they are at the end of their lives. They are struggling upstream, and they appear to be sluggish. It is a very interesting part of nature that these salmon travel long miles and come back to the place they were born to die. The young salmon feed on the dead bodies of the older fish. This is their life cycle.

This afternoon we washed four loads of clothes. We will have Choo Choo Barbeque for dinner this evening. Home away from home.

Stay tuned. Bonnie

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  1. Candyce Hitchcock Says:

    bonnie my sister caprice said to call her if you come through sterling on the kenai peninsula. you could take a guided fishing tour on the kenai river or bear viewing at lake clark leaving from soldotna. let me know if you would like her phone number- you guys are ssooooo fortunate! can’t wait to see pictures and hear of your adventure!!

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