Heading east/homeward bound 7/21/09

July 21, 2009 - 4:46 pm 2 Comments

Our reflection in the back of an 18 wheeler with aluminum polished doorsNewell RV - $750,000 rangeMore windmills than we have seen in one location---all turning in windInteresting landscape in ArizonaThe long road through southern California into ArizonaCampsite at the Blake Ranch RV Park---Kingman ArizonaWe had a good night’s sleep at the Bakersfield RV Resort.   It was a lovely new park in the middle of Bakersfield California.   The only problem was the temperature was 111 degrees and we could not step out of the RV to take a walk!    Even at bedtime it was 100 degrees!   Not very pleasant.   At any rate we enjoyed being there.   The interesting thing about this park was all the amenities.   Besides the usual, we had access to a gym, a wonderful pool, spa, etc.   Also there was a restaurant in the main facility.   We were told they had a great breakfast so we tried it.   One of the best breakfasts we’ve ever had.   I had the usual bacon and eggs, and Greg had waffles.   Both of us enjoyed it very much.   You will see in one of my photos that we parked across the street from a Newell RV.   This is the top of the line RV; this is only the second one we’ve seen in our travels.   We think this one probably is in the $750,000 range.   You’ll notice their little red mercedes convertible is parked nearby.  What a gorgeous sight!

We turned east this morning from Bakersfield and drove through Barstow California and over to Needles, which is right on the California/Arizona state line.   We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and it was so hot we could not open the windows as we usually do for lunchtime.  So Greg turned on the generator and we had cool air during lunchtime.   This little RV has everything we need.   We are totally self contained.

Between Bakersfield and Barstow were more agricultural farms than you can believe.   We saw many migrant workers huddled under primitive shelters probably taking a rest from the sun.   They were picking tomatoes and other vegetables.   At 8:15 this morning it was already 90 degrees, and by noon it was 104.   We drove right along the southern edge of the Mojave Desert most of the afternoon.  It’s a beautiful desolate area with interesting formations.

We stopped for the evening at the Blake Ranch RV Park near Kingman Arizona.   It’s a nice little park right in the middle of nowhere, but we have all the hookups, cable TV, and good WIFI.   It’s amazing how we can get all this stuff out here.   They have a nice little grocery store which, unfortunately, has Hagan Daaz ice cream.   Bet Greg will get over there this evening.

We will head out in the morning across Arizona and will stay tomorrow evening in Gallup New Mexico.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Don and Sandie Says:

    But it’s a dry heat! Glad you had a good visit with Ben and that your travels are safe and enjoyable.
    Don & Sandie

  2. sheila Says:

    Hey Trotters, What a trip!!!, but with those temps I’d just have a melt down and gain alot of weight eating the ice cream.Sorry about your sick day’ but glad you’ve bounced back. Be safe and I’l lsee you both soon.sheila

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