Fun evening with the Fitch Family, Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 7, 2010 - 6:07 pm 2 Comments

When our oldest son, Allan, graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1998, he was hired by Toyota to work in the corporate headquarters in California. He moved out to California not knowing one person out there. He met Michael Fitch, a graduate of Iowa State University, who was in the same management training program at corporate Toyota. They became good friends and decided to room together to save money—so they found a great little apartment right on the beach in Redondo Beach, California. I will always think of them in that bachelor pad in those early years. They have remained good friends ever since.

The Fitch family lives in Des Moines, Iowa, so we gave them a call when we knew we would be driving through Des Moines. Michael came over to our campground today and picked us up and we met Christina and the children, Samantha and Ethan, at a nearby restaurant. I brought each of the children a little gift—matchbox cars for Ethan and a little jewelry set for Samantha. Well each of the children loved the gifts. Ethan was quiet as a mouse during the entire meal, all the while rolling the matchbox cars back and forth on the table. Samantha had fun trying on all the jewelry and having us try it on as well. We had a wonderful dinner at a barbeque restaurant. We all shared a great chocolate dessert as well.

We had a great time catching up with Michael and his family, and filling them in on Allan and his family. It’s a wonderful thing to see people you have known for a long time making a family of their own. Michael and Christina are expecting their third baby in December. Samantha and Ethan are well behaved and as sweet as can be.

We’ll leave Des Moines tomorrow for eastern Iowa where we have an appointment Monday morning to get the hydraulic levelers checked out at the plant where they were installed. They worked hard during our trip and Greg wants to be sure they are in good shape before we get home.

Happy Birthday today, Greg!

Stay tuned. Bonnie

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  1. Cindy and Randy Says:


    I remember the time we visited Allan in California. Wow that was a while back. I know Traci thought how great it was that Allan lived on the beach. He had a great apartment and if my memory serves me correctly we met Michael.

    Michael has a beautiful family. The children are precious.

    Continue your safe journey.

    Staying tuned. Cindy

  2. Don Says:

    Hey Bro:
    Happy Birthday. Told Diane I was going to wish you Happy Birthday before the day was over and I just got in under the wire. From photos it looks like it has been a great trip. Know you will have many memories. Be safe on rest of trip.

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