From the ridiculous (past week’s weather) to the sublime (today)

May 29, 2013 - 3:25 pm 1 Comment

Our initial reaction to our current park was that it barely met our requirements. After spending the night and getting to know our neighbors, we are convinced it is one of the best stops we’ve made. This park is mainly seasonal retirees who spend summers here. Their trailers are permanently set up with porches and such. Although not many people are here now, the ones we’ve met are so very nice. They all know we are the travelers, and they are very interested in where we came from and where we are going.

The young woman in the office has been so customer focused. She’s gone out of her way to give us information on restaurants and such. We wanted to buy a bag of ice, but because we are ahead of the season and their ice machine is empty, she drove over to a gas station and bought us a bag of ice!!!

This morning we did our laundry and after lunch we walked to the beach and spent an hour sitting on the beach, in the SUNSHINE. While walking back to our rig, we were met by an elderly gentleman who was walking with the aid of his walker. He stopped and talked with us for a while. He is a veteran of the Korean War, and he enjoyed talking with Greg about the engine and miles per gallon of our rig. His name is Renaldi, and he and his wife have been coming here for 14 years. They have been married for 54 years. I just took to Renaldi because he reminded me of Dad. He had the same gait as Dad using his walker, and he wore his ball cap. He shook our hands and the entire experience was so nice.

Tonight we took a cab (the driver was such a nice young man who gave us a quick tour of this little village) to the restaurant suggested to us named Gabriele. We had a great meal of lobster and other items. Our waiter was very attentive to show us how to open the lobster. We actually saw the cook come out of the kitchen and get the lobster out of the tank before cooking it. It was in the ocean yesterday. The evening was perfect and we were ready for a comfortable evening considering the last week.

Rain is expected overnight, and if the weather is bad tomorrow, we might just spend another night here. They close the bridge to Prince Edward Island if the winds are excessively high, so we’ll check out the reports in the morning before we decide when to leave.

The photos attached are from the beach today as well as photos of our dinner this evening.









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  1. Ziggie Says:

    WOW! That lobster meal with the grilled veggies looks awesome. The only thing I see missing is a COLD PBR. I believe that Greg is relaxed on the beach…maybe even catching some zzzz’s.

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