Fredericksburg, Texas, and the Lyndon Johnson Ranch, Monday October 10, 2011

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Can you believe our RV Park does not have WIFI?    We have cable TV and everything else, but there is no WIFI.   So this morning after breakfast we took the laptop a couple of doors down to the “Austin Java” and had a cup of coffee while we used their WIFI.   But we really like the park.   It’s by no means modern, in reality, it is very old, as in probably built in 1950 or so.   But the people around us are very friendly and we feel very safe; it’s quiet and close to Ben.

I had a lot of blogging to do since we’ve not had WIFI since last Thursday.   We worked on the blog for a couple of hours and then Ben came over to get us to start our day.   The weather is a little overcast but the temperature is very good.

We drove northeast of Austin to Fredericksburg, which is a little German influenced town.   We found a restaurant that served authentic German food, so Ben and I chose something German and Greg had a club sandwich.   He’s not very adventurous.   After lunch we walked around town and Greg actually purchased his first item from this trip (except for the slide whistle)—a beautiful leather belt.   After we had our fill of shopping, we stopped at the Lyndon Johnson Ranch for a tour.   This is a state park and you can actually do a driving tour of part of the property.   There is a total of nearly 2500 acres but only about 600 belong to the park service.   The rest is still in the family.   This property belonged to a long line of President Johnson’s ancestors and he loved it more than anything.   He lived only a few years after he left office and died here at his beloved ranch.   He and most of his family are buried on the property.   The plane given to LBJ was called “Air Force one-half) rather than Air Force One.   Air Force One flew into Austin, and

After touring the grounds we had a tour of the house where they lived.   I must say I was a bit disappointed in the tour because we only saw two or three rooms, and you couldn’t use your camera inside the house.   Since Lady Bird died only in 2007, they are still getting most of the rooms in the house ready for touring.  We only saw his office, a den, and living room.

After our afternoon of touring we stopped at a famous restaurant outside of Austin called the Salt Lick.   I saw the Food Channel do a story about this restaurant.   It was founded in 1967 and has been a mainstay in the area ever since.  The barbeque pit was beautiful with all the meats smoking inside the restaurant.   Ben’s friend Dusti stopped by and joined us for a terrific dinner of smoked turkey, sausages, and ribs.

Ben dropped us off at our RV around 7:00 p.m. and we were whipped for the day.  Just enough energy to watch two hours of “Dancing with the Stars”.  LOL

Stay tuned.  Not sure what all we will do tomorrow.   Bonnie

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  1. Cindy Smith Says:

    Hi Bonnie and Greg,

    Glad to see you are having a wonderful vacation. I am sure you are so happy to be spending time with Ben. Please tell him we said “HELLO”.

    There is a great article and picture of you and Greg in the “INSIDE TVA” today.

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