Enjoying the fall colors on San Juan Mountain

September 24, 2011 - 3:13 pm No Comments

We left Pagosa Springs this morning around 9:00 a.m.   We had a chilly night but the day warmed up to the high 70’s.   We drove 150 miles today to La Veta, Colorado.   The drive over was just beautiful and we had our first day of driving through spectacular fall colors.   We drove through the San Juan Mountain range the entire way over, driving over the Wolf Creek Pass at 8,000 ft.   Most of the trees are evergreens interspersed with dramatic yellow aspens.   There aren’t an array of colors like we have in eastern Tennessee but the yellow is absolutely breathtaking.   We crossed the Continental Divide and enjoyed the Rio Grande National Forest.

We stopped around mid-day in Alamosa, Colorado, a nice little town with a beautiful backdrop of the mountains.  We did some grocery shopping at Walmart, and then stopped for lunch at Arby’s.    While driving through the middle of town, we found a farmer’s market on the “square”, so we stopped for that as well.   I bought some beautiful corn and tomatoes.  The growing season in Colorado is much later than ours, so there are lots of fresh vegetables.    Greg laughed as we got back to the RV after shopping—he says I like nothing better than a good old fashioned farmer’s market.   Well, it’s true.  I love driving through the small towns and enjoying what each one has to offer.   We stopped at a little store that advertised honey grown in the mountains, and we bought a couple of jars.

We drove over the La Veta Pass and found our campground around mid-afternoon.   It’s a very simple little place with a backdrop of those gorgeous mountains.   We are actually in a valley surrounded by them.   The temperature is in the 70’s with a cool breeze blowing.  If you are in the sun, shorts feel fine—but if you are in the shade, get ready for long pants and jackets.

Tomorrow we will mosey another 100 miles or so for our first night in New Mexico.   The area is called Eagle Nest.   We will drive the Highway of Legends to get there.   The lore of this area is vivid, swirling in the spiritual myths of the American Indians and the history of their clashes with Spanish explorers.  Like much of Colorado, where the promises of fortune led, trouble followed and tales of outlaws “settling their differences” are common.  The Highway of Legends is an 82 mile route between La Veta and Trinidad, Colorado, just before the New Mexico border.   Scenery is supposed to be spectacular with small villages along the way.

Oh!   We had a great skype visit with Allan and family.  Olivia saw us on the screen and I’m sure she was puzzled as to why BeBe and Poppy were in that little box.   She grinned and grinned and waved at us.   Grayson grinned too, and put his little thumb in his mouth.  They are so precious.

Stay tuned.  Bonnie

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