Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore 8/22/08

August 22, 2008 - 5:53 pm 5 Comments

Model of Crazy Horse MemorialWe slept well last night at the Rafters Bar J Campground in the Black Hills of South Dakota.   Our campsite was at the edge of a meadow which was a beautiful site.   During the night, we heard the wind howling and almost screaming, and then all of a sudden it would stop dead still, only to resume the same howling and screaming a little while later.   It was really spooky, but we figured it was because of the wind racing through the meadow surrounded by the Black Hills.  At any rate, it was 53 degrees outside when we awoke.   Need to warm up?  No problem!   Just plug in the little ceramic heater and our little house heats right up. We decided to use our ceramic heat in lieu of starting our heat  a/c heat pump since it wasn’t that cold inside.  Need a warm breakfast?   No problem!    I cooked a great breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee, etc.   What a great way to start the day.

And what a glorious day it has been!   I know I keep going on about how beautiful the country is, and how much we are enjoying the trip, and how awesome the weather is.   I promise if we have a bad day, I will tell you.  Honestly!   We started the day by going to the Crazy Horse Memorial.   What an awesome sight.   An added bonus was the museum at the sight.   It has the largest array of memorabilia related to the battle of Big Horn anywhere in the US.  Lots of clothing and artifacts.   It was quite interesting and the story of the man who did this is just unbelieveable.  You really should read about this on the internet.   Next we drove over to Mt. Rushmore.   These two monuments are only about 15 miles apart.   Mt. Rushmore is just overwhelming; there were many, many foreign visitors there.

After our visit to Mt. Rushmore, we drove over to Deadwood, SD.   This is a very quaint little town with lots of history of the wild west.   Today a custom car rally had taken over the town; lots of tourists milling about.   And guess what custom car caught my eye?    A green 1969 chevelle malibu.   All of my college friends will remember this as my car while I was in college.   What memories the car brings to me!!!  We stopped for a few groceries at Blondie’s IGA.

We also ran into our first glimpse of snow covered mountains, and real life cowboys.   We stopped for gas at a station and several cowboys were there.   I mean, these guys are serious cowboys.   Cowboy hats, jeans, and boots with spurs on them!    They must be “wranglers”.   Lots of ranches out here.   The rolling hills of South Dakota have given way to more desolate landscape with low brush covering the landscape. 

We are staying tonight at the Buffalo KOA in Buffalo, Wyoming.   This campground has all the amenities we need, as well as cable TV.  We did our laundry and tonight’s dinner was vegetable ravioli with marinara meat sauce, tossed salad, and strawberry shortcake.   And this will be fun–this campground has a pancake breakfast every morning in the “social room”.   So we’ll join everyone in the morning for a nice breakfast and fellowship.  We’ll be in Cody, Wyoming, Saturday evening for 2 nights.   Greg’s sister, Pam, and her husband live  there and we are looking forward to visiting them.  

Stay tuned.


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  1. Allan & Catherine Says:

    Great job with the updates each day! It is a nice escape for all of us “working-people.” Pictures look awesome and the stories have us laughing each evening.

  2. Ann and James Says:

    Thanks for the updates. We are anxious to take the trip to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Your emails are really making us anxious to go. We will be leaving Thursday, the28th and returning 9/l2. The flight has me a little nervous, but am sure I will be fine. Keep us updated. Ann and James

  3. Zeagler Says:

    What a GREAT COUNTRY we live in!! Your updates made my day after a long week at work. You really got my attention when you said that you woke up to 53 degrees….my kind of weather. And YES, I remember that green malibu like it was yesterday…what fun we had! Can’t wait to read about another Trotter Adventure!

  4. Alison McCullough Beasley Says:

    Hi Trotter family!

    I visited your website for the first time tonight and enjoyed reading through your blogs. In fact, after reading about your many wonderful meals, I am finding myself rather hungry! I have gotten a kick out of the references to “Trotter time”. I could probably use a lesson or two on Trotter time… punctuality is not my forte (unfortunately :-). Keep up the happy travels and good food!

  5. Allison Tilley Says:

    What a wonderful website you all have put together here! I’m so impressed! I told Allan that I shared the website with my dad in hopes he would see that there really is a fabulous life to experience after retirement. Hopefully he’ll take the plunge sooner than later. Thanks for letting us share in your travels. Your pictures and stories really are great. Safe travels.

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