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We’re off!

May 14, 2016 - 3:53 pm 1 Comment
Whittington Woods RV Park

Whittington Woods RV Park

What a day!!!  We are usually disoriented the first couple of days on a trip, but this has been especially disorienting in a new RV.  Just a few aggravations, but overall we did fine.  Very windy conditions kept us on our toes.

We pulled into Whittington Woods RV park near Benton, Illinois, for the evening.  Got everything hooked up and everything is working.   We can’t get the television to work but it’s operator error.  We are reading the instruction manual and still can’t get it going.  So until we get to Winnebago on Wednesday, we will be reading.  We can listen to the news on Sirius radio tomorrow.

The campground manager told us to expect temperatures in the 30s tonight.   The highs today were only in the 50s and the windy conditions kept us bundled up.

Will arrive in Moscow Iowa tomorrow afternoon.

Can you believe we pulled into our site and the folks right beside us are from Chattanooga!!  They are on their way home from a three week trip.  Well how nice are our neighbors?  We told the man in passing we couldn’t get the tv to work, laughing about everything being so new to us.  He came over later and knocked on the door and helped us get it set up.    We were almost there—- now we know what to do!   Dad is so happy to see the evening news.  LOL

We are looking forward to our nice warm bed tonight!

A foggy start and a sunny ending

June 4, 2013 - 12:41 pm No Comments

It rained all night long last night. Not a violent storm, just continuous rain. After breakfast, we tried to decide whether to sit out the rain, or head out. The weather report for Peggy’s Cove was better than Truro, so we made the decision to start driving.

We hit the 3,000 mile mark, and the closer we got to Peggy’s Cove, the more fog we were in. We laughed at our luck on this trip—good weather has been hard to come by. We arrived at Peggys Cove around 11:00 am and walked toward the lighthouse. This lighthouse is well known for its rocky perch looking over the ocean. When we got out of the RV, we each had on about three levels of jackets. It was windy and mist was in the air. But what a gorgeous spot. The little village of Peggys Cove is exactly what you see in the photos—–just a beautiful setting for a small fishing village. It was low tide when we were there, so some of the photos will show the seaweed on the rocks where the water will be later today.

After visiting the lighthouse, we went into the restaurant on site and had a wonderful lunch of fish and lobster chowder. A hot lunch really hit the spot. By the time we finished lunch, the fog was rising and the lighthouse was more clear. Really pretty.

About a mile down the road is the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial. In 1998, a Swissair flight crashed 5 miles off shore near Peggys Cove due to an uncontrolled fire on board. The memorial was in appreciation to the citizens of this area for their comfort to the families of the passengers lost on this flight. 229 passengers and crew perished on this flight.

We stopped for groceries after visiting the memorial and enjoyed our drive along the coast of Nova Scotia. We’ve stopped for the evening near Mahoney Bay and we have a great little campsite right on a creek. The weather cleared right up and we’ve had a beautiful afternoon. We stopped for the day early enough for me to bake a berry cobbler for Greg (his favorite). We also bought a rotisserie chicken, and fresh spinach and broccoli.

Tomorrow we will continue driving the western portion of Nova Scotia.











Filet mignon and creamed potatoes with dinner tonight

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Pear Gorgonzola salad with dinner tonight

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Campsite at Whispering Hills RV Park, Georgetown, KY

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Greg checking in at the Whispering Hills RV Park in Georgetown, KY

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Musings at Journey’s End, Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16, 2011 - 4:39 pm No Comments

Today would have been my Mother’s 90th birthday.   She’s been gone 8 years, and it’s still hard to believe.    She would be so excited to read about our travels.   We’ve had a wonderful trip, once again.    We are happy to be home and we’ve already had a visit from Allan, Catherine, Olivia, and Grayson.   Olivia is talking up a storm, and Grayson is crawling and pulling up.   They’ve changed a great deal since we left.

Here are some final thoughts:

1.  We drove 5,000 miles

2.  America is beautiful

3.  We are so glad Ben moved to Austin, Texas

4.  Tennessee is beautiful in the fall

5.  We LOVE Santa Fe, New Mexico

6.  If you see something you want, better buy it!!

7.  The state of Colorado is one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen

8.  We’ll definitely go back to south Louisiana one of these days

9.  McDonald’s coffee is excellent

10. The aspen tree is one of the prettiest we’ve seen

11. Campground book exchanges are awesome

12. It’s great to visit old friends

13. We’re so lucky to have good health and good resources

14.  We missed the grandchildren more than we thought

Hope everyone has a healthy and safe year ahead.   Stay tuned to see where we go next year.   Bonnie and Greg

He’s studying at the Library, Mrs. Trotter, Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15, 2011 - 2:27 pm 1 Comment

It was cold again last night —what crazy weather.   Very warm during the day, and at bedtime we have the air conditioner running.   Then around 2:00 a.m. we need to get blankets out and turn on the heat!    But we continue to have beautiful weather.

We were passed by a View, exactly like ours, outside Baton Rouge, and we trailed each other until they split off to New Orleans.   It’s always fun to see another View and they seemed to enjoy seeing us as well.

Speaking of New Orleans, and the reason for naming this entry as I did, when I think of New Orleans, I always think of a time when Allan was a student at the University of Tennessee.   He lived with a great group of guys, two of whom were Monuj Bashambu and Jim Copeland.   One weekend we called Allan’s apartment just to say hello and Jim answered the phone.   We spoke briefly and then I asked to speak with Allan.   Jim, in his usual polite manner, said “He’s studying at the Library, Mrs. Trotter”.   So I assumed he meant the University of Tennessee Library.  Isn’t that great, I said to Jim, and we’ll just check with him later.    We found out MUCH MUCH later that this was Mardi Gras weekend and he was actually in New Orleans with Monuj Bashambu.   They could have been “at the library” at Tulane, because Monuj was going to attend medical school there.   Maybe they were checking out the library, but at the same time, I bet they were checking out the Mardi Gras.   We cannot ever think about New Orleans that we don’t remember that evening when sweet Jim Copeland told us Allan was studying at the library.

We skirted by New Orleans and I made a mental note that we should make a trip down this way again.    This is such a pretty area of the country.   Very low lying land, and it really looks coastal.   Lots of marsh lands that you will see in the photo.   Lots of waterways.

We stopped for the last evening of our trip near Meridian, Mississippi.   It’s actually a very nice little quiet campground and we even have cable TV so we are watching the LSU/UT football game.   By the way, when we drove through Baton Rouge (home of LSU) we certainly got plenty of smiles and looks from the locals (who were all dressed in their school colors).

I’ll have a brief entry tomorrow of “Musings at Journey’s End”.   Stay tuned.  Bonnie

Homeward Bound, Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14, 2011 - 3:02 pm 1 Comment

Today is a travel day.   We left Austin around 8:00 a.m. and stopped at a Super Walmart to get enough sandwich stuff to last until we get home.   Our sight is set for Hixson today because we are anxious to see the grandbabies.

We drove 370 miles today and are in Duson, Louisiana at the Frog City RV Park.   Roast pork for dinner—-can you believe I still have enough meat in the freezer to get us home?

Weather is beautiful and high is 86 degrees.   Not a cloud in the sky!

Stay tuned.   Bonnie

A Day at the San Marcos Outlet Mall, Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 14, 2011 - 2:59 pm No Comments

Ben took us about 30 minutes south of Austin today to the San Marcos Tanger Outlet Mall.   I’ve seen a lot of outlet malls in my life but this is by far the biggest.   Every store imaginable—including Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, as well as all the regular stuff.   I think Ben outshopped me, and that’s the truth!!!   LOL

We had lunch at the Cracker Barrel and did a little more shopping before leaving San Marcos.   Tonight we had dinner with Ben and a couple of his friends at a restaurant called “Hop Doddy”.   It’s a gourmet hamburger joint.   People are everywhere on the streets and in the restaurants and it’s Thursday evening!!    One reason these restaurants are so successful is parking is available all up and down the streets and there is no cost.   And you BACK into the spot rather than pulling in head first.   This makes traffic flow easier when cars are pulling out of their parking spaces.   Austin’s folks love to be outdoors, walk around, and enjoy the weather.   It’s really like early fall at home—-warm during the day but cool in the evening.

Ben dropped us off after dinner and we bid him farewell because we won’t see him in the morning.   We plan on getting an early start toward home tomorrow.   We’ve enjoyed our visit with Ben and he will be home for Christmas.   Another bonus for him living in Austin!

Stay tuned.   Bonnie

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