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We’ve had the coldest weather this week that we’ve ever encountered since we began traveling in our RV in 2008. It was 39 degrees when we awoke this morning; the temperature got to 43 degrees during the day, and by 4 pm it was back down to 37 degrees. We expect 32 degrees tonight. The locals say this is very unusual, and next week we should see low 70’s. I’d be happy to see low 60s. But we are warm inside and luckily, we brought our electric blankets on this trip.

We had no trouble crossing the border. Questions were much less than 2010 when we went to Alaska. This morning the agent looked at our passports and asked: where are you from; where are you going; do you have firearms. That was it.

After crossing the border, we stopped at a currency exchange to get loonies, toonies, etc. The exchange rate is 98 cents on the dollar, so it actually is much better than 2010. We also found a Tim Horton ( think Dunkin Donuts) Their coffee is great, and we also shared a little box of timbits (donut holes). Excellent on a cold dreary morning.

We also stopped at the visitor center and got a conversion chart, so all day we’ve had to refer to it for speed limits, mileage, liters vs gallons, etc.

The fields up here are standing in water and nothing has been planted yet. They have had so much rain this spring it has thrown everything off.

We stopped for diesel in a little village called Bruce Mines, and before we could get out of the RV, a little lady was outside ready to pump our diesel. Remember “full service”? They still have it up here. We also paid $4.89/gallon. That’s the highest we’ve paid this trip. We are also in an area where Mennonites live, so we’ve seen horse drawn carriages and clean farms. We saw our first moose, but couldn’t get a photo. We skirted Lake Huron, which still has ice floating in it.

Tonight we are in a little park called Glenrock, which is on Nipissing Lake. We are just about the only tourists here, once again. Think we may have left a little too early this year, but how do you ever know? Tomorrow we hope to get to Ottawa.






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  1. SaSa Says:

    It sounds like all is going well and that you are having the kind of weather I would love to have year-round!!!

    Love ya’ll and BE SAFE——————

    PS Call, FACETIME, text when you can!

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