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Our rig

Our rig

Oldman River, Alberta, canada

Oldman River, Alberta, canada

Entering Alberta

Entering Alberta

We didn’t sleep well last night due to traffic noise near our campground.   Plus we were antsy because we were crossing the border today.  We had an easy time at the border.   The agent asked where are we from, where are we going, how long will we be in Canada, any firearms, any alcohol, any cash over $10,000 (couldn’t help but chuckle).   Welcome to Canada!

we are meeting people at every stop who are headed to Alaska.  We stop at the visitor center, and the same couple pulls in.   We are all going to Banff this week.  It’s a lot of fun meeting all these folks from everywhere in the USA.

Stopped at a little bank and did a currency exchange.  Today the rate was $1.055 per US dollar so we got $527.50 for $500.  This exchange reminds me of reading Mothers journal when they first went to Alaska.  I can’t remember the exchange rate, but she was positively giddy over the possibility of getting more Canadian money for the US dollar!

We are spending the night in Fort MacLeod, Alberta, Canada this evening.  We enjoy watching all the rigs come in.  Lots of big boys, over 40 feet long!  We are in the Daisy May Campground right on the Oldman River.  Really nice location.  Tomorrow we will head for Banff National Park.

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  1. Pam Noesner Says:

    Great pictures! I really love this picture of Greg…don’t know why but it would be one of my favorites! A very pensive and deep look..just love it!

  2. Henry Trotter Says:

    Love the blog guys!

  3. Don & Sandie Says:

    Hey Greg and Bonnie,
    See that you are already in Canada…..even after getting lost in North Dakota. Glad your trip is off to a good start. Sandie is working full time for another two weeks, so things here are quite for now. Your posts makes us want to head back to Alaska again! Take care and enjoy your trip!
    Don and Sandie

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