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We’ve had an uneventful weekend in Jackson Wyoming. Specifically the weather has been less than wonderful. It has been cold, blustery, and dreary. We have spent the weekend reading, doing laundry, napping, and walking. We’ve seen many rigs come and go and it’s always fun to see what comes in next and where they are from.

I called one of our neighbors today and she said my day lilies are in full bloom. Our granddaughter is having her first day on the beach and we sure wish we were there to see it. But Allan and Catherine are so good at sending us photos every day we don’t feel we will miss anything (except hugs and kisses) while we are away.

We will head north in the morning, driving briefly through Idaho and on into Montana.

We will start seeing new territory tomorrow, and we are looking forward to the new sites.

Stay tuned. Bonnie

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  1. Pam & Werner Says:

    Hey, we’re at the cabin with a blazing fire in the wood we understand completely the wind and cold! Things should improve for us all tomorrow weather wise. We will head back to Cody early as Dieter has to get his clothes etc ready to leave as early as Wednesday. Dieter saw a mountain goat on the way up here which is rare. Hope you are all feeling better! Even though it was short, we really enjoyed our time with you. I start work at the Trolley on Tuesday.
    love and safe travels,
    Pam,Werner and Dieter

  2. genie witherington(apcu) Says:

    hi, it is so good to read your post and follow you and greg
    on your journey. we have about 3 weeks until we leave i sure hope
    it is warmer but like you guys we will bring something to bundle up
    as well.i sure hope yellowstone lake is thawed by then but you never
    know.i have so enjoyed seeing your pictures. looking forward to more post.
    thank’s for sharing stay warm and safe.

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