Bon Jour from St. Apollinaire, Quebec

May 25, 2013 - 1:56 pm No Comments

We saw sunshine last night for the first time in a couple of days, but it was short lived. As we drove east, the weather got worse and worse. After starting out at 53 degrees, we are now (at 4pm) 40 degrees with a chilly drizzle.

We stopped for LP gas this morning before heading out toward Montreal. We had the good fortune of finding an Information Center on the outskirts of Montreal, and they gave us a good route to get through the city with the least amount of stress. Montreal’s traffic is notoriously bad—we hoped since it was Saturday, things would be quieter. We made it through Montreal without any trouble. The roads are a mindboggling spaghetti plate of roads and exits.

We are shocked at the amount of Tim Hortons that are everywhere. We stopped for diesel fuel and Tim Horton was next door to the fuel station and the line was out the door. Tim Horton rules up here in Canada.

We passed a sign directing us to a nudist colony—-bet there aren’t many people there today. Unless they are indoors.

In Ontario the road signs were in French, with an English replica right beside it. But in Quebec,all signs are in French with no English. We can figure out most of the signs, but some we haven’t a clue. Can’t tell whether a store is a hardware store or a grocery store. As we continue eastward, we will enter the Gaspesie (pronounced Gas-peesee) Peninsula. We should soon see plenty of beautiful scenery as the road hugs the coast all the way around the peninsula. There will be plenty of little villages for us to explore. If the rain continues, we may sit out one more day somewhere along the road—-in this weather we wouldn’t be able to see a thing. Obviously, we took no photos today. The landscape continues to look like home, but should be changing soon.

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