Big Horn Mountain and Cody, Wyoming 8/23/08

August 24, 2008 - 6:59 am 1 Comment

This morning we awoke in Buffalo, Wyoming, to 49 degrees!! We slept toasty last night by using the gas heat. You just set the thermostat and it cycles on and off just like your house. We decided to pass on the pancake breakfast, because it was to be held outside in the “kamper kitchen”. We didn’t see anyone out there so we decided to have our cereal inside today. Perhaps they decided not to have it this morning due to the cold temperatures.

At any rate, we left Buffalo around 8:30 am. Again the scenery is just spectacular. The photos really do not do it justice. We passed through a little town called Ranchester right before starting the ascent onto Big Horn Mountain. Ranchester has a population of 700, but right in the middle of town we passed the “Crazy Woman Saloon”. I gave a shout out to my good friends, and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! LOL

Big Horn Mountain is unbelievable. The roads are treacherous due to the steepness of the grade. I didn’t even attempt to drive it, because I’m getting jumpy about driving on high mountain roads. Must be the age. At any rate, I took the photos, and Greg did the driving. We have to laugh at the types of rigs we meet on the road. Many, many motorcycles as well as all sorts of rigs. We even saw a pickup truck pulling a 5th wheel trailer, and behind the 5th wheel they were pulling another trailer with 4 ATV’s on it. Folks coming out west have no fear!!! The folks who live out here are an independent bunch, that’s for sure. We saw folks primitive camping all along the roads, back in the woods. (I’m a gal looking for amenities)

Some of the rock formations on Big Horn mountain are 2.5 billion (yes BILLION) years old. There are signs all along the roadway telling how old the rock formations are.

Oh, we also passed a gal in a little car with a bumper sticker saying “Don’t postpone joy”. Very suitable, don’t you think?

We arrived in Cody, Wyoming around 3 pm. Cody is a beautiful little city, very western looking. We are excited to visit with Greg’s sister Pam and her husband Werner. Pam and Werner enjoy the outdoor sports that this area of the country gives them.

Pam picked us up at 4:00 p.m. and drove us out to their home. Their home is absolutely beautiful and the views from every window of their house is breathtaking. From Pam’s kitchen window she’s looking out at the beautiful mountains that surround them. She says everyone who sees it thinks she should always wash her dishes in the kitchen sink rather than using the dishwasher just to see the view, and we certainly agree. We enjoyed a delicious grilled dinner and had such fun visiting with them. We sat on their back patio enjoying a glass of wine and Greg especially enjoyed “Moose Drool” beer as well as an Alaskan beer. As we sat on their patio with the sun setting over those glorious mountains, we fully understand why they live here. There are some natural fires occuring on those mountains, and after the sun set, we could see trees light up in flames. The fires originated from lightening strikes. These fires are not controlled, but monitored, as a process of nature.

Our evening ended with them driving us back to our RV. Tomorrow we will spend the day with them. They will take us up to their cabin which is 5 miles from the entrance of Yellowstone. Pam said they have recently seen grizzly bears up there near their cabin, but not to worry—Werner and Pam carry their bear spray at all times!! (YIKES) They are taking us to a buffet breakfast in Cody to start the day.

Once again, the day has been totally wonderful. Excellent weather, clear skies (except for a little smoke from the fires).   Stay tuned.

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  1. SaSa Says:

    Sounds like the all is going as ya’ll planned and that the scenery gets more and more beautiful.

    Love ya’ll—————

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