Beautiful Santa Fe New Mexico 7/23/09

July 23, 2009 - 3:34 pm 3 Comments

Rugged New Mexico landscapeNew Mexico sceneryNew Mexico landscapeLong long straight road in New MexicoGreg enjoying the cool shade trees in Santa Fe New MexicoWe had a good night’s sleep in the USA RV Park in Gallup New Mexico.   It was actually so cool by morning we had to use a blanket.   What a nice surprise!   Driving into Gallup yesterday we noticed that there was a Cracker Barrel restaurant the next exit going east from where we were staying for the night so we decided we would have breakfast there this morning.

We packed up and enjoyed a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel.   They even had grits which surprised us both.  We had an easy day of driving as we were only 199 miles to Santa Fe.   We arrived here around 1:00 p.m. and we are very happy with this park.  It’s “55 and over” so as I said yesterday Greg thought it might be a nudist colony.   Much to his surprise, it is not.   It is a beautiful little park right in the middle of Santa Fe.   Lots and lots of trees.   We had time today to do some laundry and we sat under the huge trees outside the laundry and enjoyed the cool breeze.   The weather is awesome.   The good thing about this park is there is a city bus stop right at the gate of the park so we can take the bus to the Santa Fe “Old City”.

We’ve decided to enjoy the park today and we have rented a car for tomorrow to drive up to Taos.   The loop up to Taos is supposed to be very beautiful and have many interesting sites and some of the oldest buildings in the United States.   Artists love it in this area.   We will take the “high road” up to Taos, which is winding and slow, and the road back to Santa Fe is the “low road” which will go through a valley.   Then Saturday we will spend the day in “Old Town” Santa Fe.   We are really looking forward to our visit here.

Since the temperature is so nice today we will walk a good bit and enjoy the outdoors this evening.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Lynn Says:

    I really liked the picture of the flag in the swimming pool. Is Mexico hotter than Georgia? It sounds like you had some good food and great sites to see. Have a good and safe trip home.

  2. Pam Noesner Says:

    Sounds beautiful! Werner has been to Taos a number of times.
    In his high school years he attended a Boy Scout camp there.
    A few years ago, he flew into Taos to drive back the VW Eurovan camper we bought from a fellow road cyclist in Taos.
    Have a great trip..wish we were there with you!!
    93 here today but get this: 12% humidity!
    Pam and Werner

  3. SaSa Says:

    Santa Fe and the surrounding area is beautiful in the Winter, but I have never been there any other time. I know ya’ll will enjoy everything about it.

    All is well here—same old, same old. The weather has been pretty mild this week with below normal humidity. I wish we were having the kind of weather here that ya’ll are experienceing there.

    Love you and STAY SAFE————-

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