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June 12, 2013 - 2:22 pm No Comments

We had a good night in a great little campground in Pine Cove, PA. We were awakened this morning by a whirring sound outside. It was constant, and it seemed to be birds or such. After walking outside, we spoke with a gentleman who said it was cicadas. They come out every 17 years or so and Pennsylvania had been warned of their arrival. Very interesting because the sound was so intense!

It was 70 degrees this morning so we finally put on shorts for the day. The sun shined most of the day and not a drop of rain fell. We stopped at McDonalds for coffee and were on the road by 7:30 am. Notice the closer we are to home the earlier we get started.

We crossed the Mason-Dixon Line before noon and the temperature soared to 85 degrees. We stopped at a rest stop for lunch, and we saw a hilarious sight. A rented RV pulled in in front of us, and out jumps a 30-something man, covered in tattoos, with all sorts of body piercings, including nipple piercings. On top of all that, he only had on shorts, no shirt of any kind! Yep, we are definitely back in the south.

Traffic on I-81 is terrible!!!There are so many 18 wheelers, you can hardly make a move on the interstate. They fill up the rest stops so there is hardly a place to stop. So driving all day is quite stressful. We’ve stopped for the evening in one of our favorite parks, fort Chiswell in Wytheville, Virginia. We arrived here early enough for me to bake Greg his favorite mixed berry cobbler. We also will have BBQ ribs which I brought in the freezer.

We should arrive home tomorrow by mid-afternoon if all goes well. Cannot WAIT to see those GRANDBABIES!!!!







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