Back in the lower 48

July 16, 2014 - 6:12 pm 1 Comment
Goodbye Canadian Rockies

Goodbye Canadian Rockies

We are glad to be back where dollars are dollars, not loonies or toonies.   Miles are miles and not kilometers, etc.  Since our Visa card doesn’t have a chip in it, we could not pay for fuel at the pump.  So I would have to go inside and ask that the pump be turned on.  Before they would turn the pump on, they said they had to HOLD my credit card.   I said I would be glad to stand at the checkout until he finished pumping, but that would not do.  Finally on our last day in Canada, we stopped for a last fillup.  The young girl inside would not let me stand there with my card, she would not turn on the pump until SHE held the card.   Finally I gave her the card but continued standing in front of her.    When Greg finished pumping and I was signing the receipt, she said “you’re a bit crabby today”.  Oh brother, Greg thought he was going to have to come in the store to separate us.

We made it through the border crossing without any trouble however.  As a matter of fact, we had the cutest young border agent.  I started to tell him so, but Greg said I might appear suspicious, considering I just had the altercation with that GIRL at the gas station.

We are enjoying interstate driving rather than two lane roads which are not in the best of shape.  We are in Livingston Montana tonight, and after having 100 degree weather a couple of days in BC, we are enjoying 75 degree temps today with low humidity.

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  1. Lynn Says:

    Ha they must alot of people trying to steal gas.
    Well good for you I wouldn’t like handing over my CC.
    Hope you continue to have a good trip.

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