An Exciting Day in Fishing Bridge Campground 8/28/08

August 29, 2008 - 5:40 pm 2 Comments

This morning we awoke to an outside temperature of 36 degrees! We were comfortable inside and slept well last night. The sky here is so clear and blue it’s hard to believe. This morning, although cold, seems just about perfect.

We had breakfast and walked over to the registration/laundry building a short distance away. We started the laundry and I went to a pay phone to call Allan. Just when I hung up the phone and got inside the building, I heard a muffled sound coming close. I looked up and saw a herd of buffalo coming right through the middle of the campground, circling the registration building. The buffalo were making grumbling sounds and the males were agitated. The staff said this is the mating season and the male buffalo are very angry and agitated. They are chasing the female buffalo and it was quite a site! So we all stayed in the building for quite some time to be sure the entire herd had passed.

We read this morning and it didn’t take long for the temperature to rise to a comfortable level at noon. After lunch, we actually took a nap! We really enjoyed the day just hanging around the campground. On one of our walks, we came upon two deer walking right in front of us. Naturally we didn’t have the camera with us. This afternoon around 4:00 p.m. we were quietly reading when Greg looked up and saw two male buffalo walking right beside our RV. By the time we scuffled around and found the camera, the buffalo had walked into the woods right next to us. So we’ve had some excitement today!

We leave Yellowstone tomorrow morning with a sense of wonder that this beautiful park is in our United States. We have planned this trip for a long time, and are so happy to have spent this time here. It is a beautiful park and well maintained. The people who visit here are respectful of the environment. We’ve talked to folks from all over the US from Oregon to New York and all in between.

And because you all are having fun with our dinner meals: tonight we had chicken cordon bleu (for real), rice pilaf, and a fresh salad from Pam’s garden. Thanks again, Pam!

We look forward to driving to Jackson, Wyoming on Friday morning (100 miles) to continue our adventure. We have scheduled a “scenic rafting tour” on the Snake River to view wildlife on Sunday, and will stay in Jackson until Monday morning. Stay tuned.

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  1. Allan and Catherine Says:

    You guys are taking great pictures, they look like they could be professional postcards. Glad you continue to enjoy your trip. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Jim & Natalie Says:

    Great pictures. You guys must be having fun! Wish we were with you!

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