A step back in time, Mansfield, Illinois

May 31, 2014 - 4:42 pm No Comments

We had a great nights sleep at Whittington Woods and took a walk in the early morning hours.  It was early morning because we went to sleep last night at 8:30 pm!!!

We stopped for fuel in a little town called Mansfield, Illinois.  I saw in a book that Mansfield has a very old General Store that has a lunch counter.  The gas station attendant said they make a very good roast beef sandwich.   So we made our way down the street, crossed a railroad track, turned right, then turned left, and came upon a little Main Street about 50 yards long.   We parked and walked into the Mansfield General Store, which has been part of this town continuously since 1896.   The family who owns it today is only the third family to own it, having purchased it in 1979.

The store was exactly as those of you around our age remembers them.  Creaky wooden floors, shelves all the way up to the second floor with a rolling ladder, a candy counter, and all the things you would expect.  We sat at the lunch counter, the only patrons in the store.  The owner made us a very good roast beef sandwich, which we shared.   Living in a large city does not give you the sense of small town America, but this town is certainly a good example of all that is good in the USA.  People walking everywhere, riding scooters, etc.   It was a nice experience.

We made it to Davenport Iowa, around 3 pm and set up camp in the Interstate RV park.   It’s still hot!!  We thought the weather would be cooler up here but it was 87 degrees when we stopped for the day.  Tomorrow we will make our way over to Forest City Iowa and spend the night at the Winnebago Service Center at their home plant.  We have a service appointment early Monday morning.

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