A Quiet Day in Santa Fe

September 27, 2011 - 4:03 pm 1 Comment

We slept well and the weather was the most moderate we’ve had on this trip.    I don’t think our heat came on once last night.   We slept under blankets, but it was very pleasant.

After breakfast this morning we took the shuttle to The Plaza in Santa Fe.   This is the old town shopping district.    We had a lot of fun walking around.    There is so much jewelry, silver and turquoise, that it was overwhelming.    I bought a hand tooled leather purse for myself and tried to talk Greg into buying a belt.   He found one he liked but of course they didn’t have his size.    He’s not much of a shopper.

We had lunch at Tia Sophia—-a restaurant on the Plaza that the locals say is the best.   We had a great lunch—the best Mexican food we’ve had since we’ve been on this trip.   I had a tostado and Greg had a burrito.   A New Mexico specialty, sopapilla, was a tasty treat.   It is a fried bread that puffs up and you eat it hot with honey and cinnamon sugar.   It is rather chewy but oh, my, was it a treat.   All the better Mexican restaurants here serve it.

We came home in the afternoon and had a brief rain.   We’ve enjoyed seeing the rigs come and go today.   Lots of them are HUGE.

We’ll piddle again tomorrow, maybe do some laundry, etc.

Stay tuned.  Bonnie


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  1. Marcy Remsen Says:

    When you’all stop in Madrid, there is a little restaurant that serves fried green tomatoes and Pabst Blue Ribbon on draft. They also have fried pickles and the hamburgers are great.


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