A Quiet Day in Austin, Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 14, 2011 - 2:52 pm No Comments

We spent an hour at the Austin Java again this morning trying to get the blog set up.   I will not make another trip without having a verizon card for my computer.   Depending on WIFI from others does NOT work!

We spent the morning at the Sycamore, the group of townhouses that Ben has chosen.   They will start building his townhome by the end of November.    He is very excited to be a home owner.   These townhouses are not connected which is good—they are very modern, each has three levels and he can use the third level for his office.   The middle section is two bedrooms and two baths, and the bottom level has the kitchen, half bath, and living area.  The patio is out back.   He will have a carport and a single garage.   So he’s anxious to get going with it.   Greg looked around and asked a few questions but he seems to think it is nice.   This is a great relief to Ben!   Ben has made decisions on colors, and he’s in the process of choosing the hardwood for the floors.

For lunch we went to a little cafe called “Foodheads” and had a great sandwich.   Austin has the most independent food places we’ve ever seen.   Great little cafes and lots of outside dining available.   It’s really a great city for Ben.   He loves it already.

Ben plays in a kickball league and had a game tonight so we called it an early evening after dinner.  Stay tuned.  Bonnie


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