A Fun Afternoon in Quirky Haines Alaska Tuesday June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010 - 8:55 pm 3 Comments

We had a great dinner last night in Skagway at a restaurant called “Skagway Fish and Chips”. Fresh halibut was yummy. We had a great night’s sleep and awoke to a cruise ship’s horn. The cruise ship was docking in the harbor just yards away from our camp site. I can see the cruise ship from our window. This is really a tourist town but so much fun because everyone is walking everywhere. The village is small so it’s easy to get around.

We had a great breakfast this morning of canadian bacon, eggs, juice, and coffee sitting at our dining table in the RV. We enjoyed watching the harbor activity. The campground is full with folks just like us.

Before leaving for Haines, we walked into town to get our tickets for the White Pass Railroad trip we will take tomorrow evening. While in town this morning we shopped briefly at a couple of stores. We bought a pink ball cap for me (the word “Alaska” is in sequins across the front of the cap, I kid you not) You do crazy things when you are traveling! We bought a few more things and went into a diamond jewelry store where the salesman tried to sell us a $25,000 diamond ring. Guess he thinks all tourists have more money than they know what to do with. Ya gotta laugh….

We left the dock at noon on our way to Haines. I struggle to find a word that describes Haines and I keep coming up with the word “quirky”. The people are very independent and could not imagine living anywhere else. We met the captain of our ferry, Ellie, and she told us that she had lived here all her life, had married her childhood sweetheart, and they love their life in Haines. They also own a fishing charter boat and they work hard all summer “getting ready for winter”. They do not have television, by choice, and their children do not miss it. The children work with their parents in the summer.

Ellie told us to be sure and visit the smoked salmon shop in town so we did just that. The lady who owns it was so good to give us samples of all the different smoked fish—king salmon, sockeye, etc. We bought several packages of different kinds of salmon. I have room in my freezer now to bring them home. They are shrink wrapped for easy storage.

When we got off the ferry in Haines we found a little restaurant in town to have lunch. It was the Lighthouse Restaurant and we had a nice little lunch of chicken pesto pizza and caesar salad. We enjoyed our view right on the harbor from our table. We spent the afternoon visiting the little shops in the village. I bought a couple of pairs of earrings that are Russian Baltic amber. The Russians trade their baltic amber for some stone that is from this part of Alaska (can’t remember the name of the stone). At any rate, you know I love to buy goodies while on this trip, and I can hardly get Greg to buy anything for himself. That is until he spotted an Ace Hardware store. He made a bee line for the store (see photo) and bought himself a hose clamp. The store was so crammed full of stuff Greg had a field day looking at it. The owner of the store led Greg through the store and up the stairs to where the clamp was stored. Greg was in hog heaven. So now he has a hose clamp from Haines, Alaska.

We arrived safely back in Skagway around 6:00 p.m and had a simple dinner of soup and sandwich. Don and Sandie had already visited Haines on another trip to Alaska, so they chose to hike this afternoon. Tomorrow we will all board the White Pass Yukon narrow gauge railroad for an excursion up into the wilderness. Our excursion leaves at 4:30 p.m. and lasts for 3 hours, so we will take a picnic supper with us. We know this will be a fun trip.

Tomorrow morning we will walk into Skagway to the Laundromat and do some laundry. I’ll work in a little shopping while we wait for the wash to be finished. We will mail a package to our granddaugher Olivia tomorrow morning also.

Stay tuned. Bonnie

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  1. Gail Plemons Says:

    I love these pics. Been right there in that cruiseship port. Loved Skagway. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Be safe and watch out for bears.

  2. SaSa Says:

    I could easily live in Haines. It appears to be the kind of place I love—quaint.

    BonBon, it was so good to talk to you last night. Call again when you have a chance.

    Love ya’ll and BE SAFE————

  3. Bill and Nancy Says:

    Ferry Captain,,,, Righhht. You can’t turn your back on him!

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