A drive through Montana 9/4/08

September 4, 2008 - 5:59 pm No Comments

This morning the temperature was 41 degrees.    We’ve become accustomed to getting dressed quickly because even though our RV is comfortable, you can’t just walk around in your pj’s.   We decided to pack up and have breakfast at a little cafe right down the road from our campground.    It was a small cafe, with young folks waiting on tables.   Greg had pancakes, actually one huge pancake, made from wheat flour, oats, and other stuff he was not familiar with.   I had the usual toast and eggs and they always serve hash browns out west rather than grits.   We enjoyed eating out this morning and after stopping to fill the diesel tank again, we were on our way.   Glacier is right on the edge of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, so the area outside the park does not seem to be doing very well.

We drove through several small towns this morning; one was Cutbank, Montana, and I have a photo of the main street posted here.   Talk about a small town!!   One little street and that’s it.   These folks out here love the west, probably couldn’t stand to be in a town the size of Chattanooga, but to us, it’s very lonely looking.   Guess you have to be born here to appreciate it.

We’ve learned out here in Montana to always ask about the road conditions before starting a trip.   Even though a road looks good on the map, it could be a disaster in every other way.   So tonight we are trying to map out the next few days so we can stay on track to arrive in Forest City, Iowa, by Monday evening.   We have an appointment Tuesday morning at the Winnebago plant to have window awnings installed.   While there, we hope to do the tour of the Winnebago plant.   You know Greg would love to see how his View was made.

We are spending tonight in a hotel in Bozeman, Montana.   We drove 400 miles today; we are tired, and we want to have good internet connection so we can plan the rest of our trip.   We walked next door to an Outback Steak House for a great dinner.  

We have reluctantly tured eastward on the journey home.   Can hardly believe we have just a little over a week to go before we are home again.   We’ve learned so much on this trip which we can use on our next one to make it even better.   As I said early on, the most important thing:   DO NOT HAVE A SCHEDULE!

Stay tuned.

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