A Day in Trailer Ranch RV Park

September 28, 2011 - 4:57 pm 2 Comments

This is an interesting RV park.   It’s sort of a love/hate relationship for us.    We LOVE the location and the setting.   We DO NOT like the fact that they cram us in here like a bunch of sardines.   On the plus side, however, being in such close quarters tends to encourage meeting your neighbors (since you are practically sleeping with them anyway).   We’ve met some great people and everyone has an interesting story.   The major topic of conversation this week is  the balloon festival starting this weekend in Albuquerque.   Where are you staying?    What days are you going to the festival?   Have you ever been there before?   Should we take folding chairs?

Today we did laundry and enjoyed our chairs outside.    The weather is absolutely perfect for being outside.    We had new neighbors move in today on both sides of us—-one couple is from Oregon and the other is from British Columbia.   Everyone is going over to Albuquerque on Friday.   The park is totally full.

This evening we walked to an Olive Garden restaurant near us.   We had a wonderful meal and to top it off we shared a dessert.    Good thing we had to walk both there and back.

Tomorrow we will hop on the shuttle for the Plaza to do a little more shopping.    Then off to Albuquerque on Friday.

Stay tuned.  Bonnie




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  1. Sharon Zeagler Says:

    Oh my, that comment from your friend Marcy about Pabst Blue Ribbon on draft got my juices flowing. It’s 5:15 p.m. here in Sylvania, GA; so, I think I’ll walk down to the Pond House and have a COLD PBR in a long neck bottle and watch the sunset. Thanks Bon Bon and Greg for the trip postings and thank you Marcy for the inspiration. LOL! Zeagler

  2. genie Says:

    you 2 have more fun than any one i know. i just want to go home pack up the camper and hit the road and come join you guys. please post pictures of the ballons. have a great time

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