A Day in Quaint Jackson, Wyoming 8/30/08

August 30, 2008 - 2:03 pm 2 Comments

We awoke to a warmer temperature this morning — mid-40’s.   The days warm up quickly so not to worry.   We had a nice leisurely breakfast and decided to take a walk around the campground.   This campground is on the edge of town and it is situated on a street behind the main road into Jackson.   Lots of locals ride bicycles.   It’s a very environmentally aware town, as you can imagine.   We can see the ski slopes up the sides of the dramatic hills surrounding town.   I’m sure in a couple of months or less there will be plenty more folks here ready to snow ski.  

We walked to the corner and got on the town shuttle.   The town of Jackson is very small and laid out in blocks around a central “square”.    On each of the four corners of the town park are the famous “elk antler arches”.   These antlers are gathered each spring in the mountains by the boy scouts.   The elk shed the antlers and leave them behind as they move around in the spring.   Everyone takes their photos around the antlers—we even saw a newly married couple having their photos taken under the antlers.   She was in full white gown attire and he looked like a cowboy (that’s a compliment).   I bet it’s good luck to have your wedding photo taken there, what do you think?

We walked around the square, did a little shopping, and walked past a little diner on the main street.   Billy’s hamburgers, sounded about right, so we walked in.   It was a little closet space with stools at the counter in a U shape around the cooking area.   Three young guys were working as hard as they could to make these famous burgers and fries.   We got in around noon, and by the time we left, people were standing on the sidewalk waiting for a seat.  So shout out to Allan—it’s just the type of place you would love!!!!

We took the shuttle back out to the campground and will spend the rest of the day (after 3 p.m.) reading and relaxing.   We are excited about our rafting trip tomorrow so stay tuned!

I’m not even going to mention dinner tonight; it’s going to be the “chef’s surprise”.    The chef will see how surprised Greg is when she doesn’t cook!   LOL



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  1. sheila hall Says:

    hey Trotters, u guys r the bomb of retirement! I told eric when we grow up I want us 2 b just like the Trotters. O.K. I know it’s not that far away. your trip is just so great and i’m so very excited 4 you both . great pics erica said it has 2 b awesome to see such wonders we all here at the hall house wish u a continued fun and safe journey. talk to you in a few. sheila

  2. Betsy Says:

    Love these pictures. Read about the Trotters in TVA Today and had to take a look. Have been to Jackson Hole 3 times and would go back today if I could.

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