Settling into Yellowstone 8/25/08

August 29, 2008 - 4:28 pm No Comments
Pam came by this morning to say goodbye on her way to a meeting. We did laundry and while there I met a nice young lady who was also doing her laundry. She and her husband are from California. They are in Cody specifically to check out the area for possible relocation. They are avid outdoorsmen and serious bike riders. I told Pam about her and she said to give her Pam’s phone number if she would like to discuss the area. The girl was thrilled to know that Pam was president of the Cody Bike Club and I bet she will give her a call. On our way out of Cody we stopped to fill the fuel tank and the propane tank. Then the mandatory stop at super Wal-Mart for fresh fruit and plenty of drinking water. We are drinking lots of water due to the high altitude and dry atmosphere.
Pam has a little garden and before we left her house last night she gave us lettuce, radishes, carrots, etc. She also baked Greg’s favorite chocolate chip cookies and gave him a box full of them.
We drove into Yellowstone and stopped for lunch by beautiful Yellowstone Lake. It’s a sight to see right out our dinette window. We checked into Fishing Bridge RV Park inside Yellowstone. We have a perfect campsite at the edge of the forest. We keep looking out the window for wildlife. There are a lot of rules for staying here because bears especially are near the area. We’ve already seen a group of buffalo on the side of the road coming into the park. We have full hookups but no cell service and no internet service. We do have Sirius radio so we can listen to CNN and other news channels.
Today we decided to get settled in the campground, study the Yellowstone map and determine tomorrow’s route. We think we will take the lower route to see the geyser areas, especially Old Faithful. We took a walk this afternoon and met a nice couple from Folkston, Georgia.

Tonight we are having chicken casserole from home, some of Pam’s fresh carrots, and peas. We are excited to start our day tomorrow. Stay tuned.





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