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Greetings from Helena Montana 9/1/08

September 1, 2008 - 5:25 pm No Comments

This morning we were greeted with a nice rain and 45 degrees.   The rain stopped shortly after we got up so it did not hinder our preparation to leave the campground.   We had breakfast and stopped at the grocery store for a few supplies—bananas, apples, milk, eggs.

We headed out toward Idaho Falls, Idaho and the scenery was very dramatic.    The clouds are so low here due to the elevation; it seems that we are literally driving through the clouds.    There is snow on the mountain tops and the temperature varied during the day from a low of 39 to a high of 50.  

Did you ever wonder why you sometimes hear “Jackson Hole, Wyoming”, and just “Jackson, Wyoming”?    We always wondered why the two names were used when referring to one town.   Well, the town itself is called “Jackson”, while the surrounding valley and county is referred to as Jackson Hole according to a clerk in a downtown store.   So now that’s cleared up for all of us.

We drove through the eastern edge of Idaho which had lots of wheat fields, and probably barley, because we saw a huge Budweiser facility in the middle of the fields which led us to believe we were seeing barley.  Then we crossed into Montana.   All day we had clouds hovering around which made for a dramatic scene, but we hardly had any rain.   The temperatures and dry air made for a cold day, so we didn’t venture out much.  An interesting site outside Butte, Montana, and appearing to be out in the middle of nowhere on a hilltop, was a huge statue of Jesus.   In the photo you can see that the trees were iced over.

Our campground is the Lincoln Road RV Park in Helena, Montana.   It’s a nice little campground, very flat and easy to access.   We have full services, local TV, and WIFI.   $28/night, which is a bargain considering we paid $62/night in Jackson, and the campground was not nearly as nice as this one.

We’ll head out in the morning for Glacier National Park.   I’m checking the weather reports tonight to make sure we are not going to run into snow; we don’t think we will.  Stay tuned.



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